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29 Holmeside, SR1 3JE

Photo of IndependentFormerly Marlows, this upstairs venue is a long established live music venue. Indie/rock night club/bar. Has gained in popularity since the closure of Ku Club.
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sarah   27th May 07
erm jen.... independent serve in re-usable plastic glasses. me thinks you have never been. have fun at ku. personally i think independent is class. each to their own ey.

Jen   26th May 07
its absaloutley disgusting...you get trampled on, drink spilt down you, your feet stick to the floor, and its covered i glass... it makes Ku Klub look like a palace! You come out absalutley reeking of smoke too! Its terrible!

james   24th May 07
I'm a visiting student from Nottingham and this place is easily the best place in the city. The new sound system is amazing with the bass poundin thru the room.

brummy paul   13th May 07
how close is the nearest travel lodge or travel inn or whatever as am up here in july for blastonbury gig?? if anyone can help me out on this one drop me a mail at zyklonb_block11@yahoo.co.uk........cheers!

mooney   26th April 07
I was excited to try this place for the first time last week but was tottally let down. Music, beer and atmosphere were all crap. Think ILL STICK TO ku IN FUTURE

independent   26th April 07
We never said Diva was closed....cool for cats said that. We're not responsible for every comment that someone leaves on our myspace, as our disclaimer explains.

andy   21st April 07
did someone say "this place is a breath of fresh air?" it smells like that dont come from nowhere, I wouldnt buy a drink from there ever again god knows whats sitting in the beer lines.

andy   21st April 07
this place is filthy and thats what I can see, god knows what goes on behind the scenes, holes everywhere, it stinks. The staff are friendly but the place is an accident waiting to happen...and there was about 30 people in all looking miserable last thursday... never ever again

shame   20th April 07
I looked at the Myspace for independant and it said that Diva had closed on Thursdays and much to my surprise it was open! Whats going on guys? you cant tell people that another club has closed just because you want to be busy, this is a low blow! you guys should be good enough to not be able to do stuff like that!

kelly   11th April 07
Had my first experience of independent on Thursday and it was amazing! the most totally original night in the town. went in again on saturday and sunday and it was class! no rubbish music, nice and friendly staff and customers! geddin x

Cyril   8th April 07
Cheap Drink. Check, Cheap entry. Check, Good music. Check, No Chance of getting stabbed. check Who cares bout the freakin toilets you melons.

just think phil   15th March 07

davey   7th March 07
www.independentsunderland.com and there's a myspace as well but i don't know address

Mojo   6th March 07
Davey, I didn't know they had a website. We only decided to go teatime Friday so the NME was our first choice, with it being Club NME. After the carry on we all went to Newcastle instead.

liam   6th March 07
Sundays nights they are starting a Modern World night - live bands and Indie/Rock/Alt/Dance tunes, really good last week. Nice atmosphere, nothing like getting drunk on a school night.

john o   4th March 07
club nme in sunderland! its about time someone did somethin different for the city. shame everyone bitches about the place cos the gigs are crackin and the place, punters and staff are class. not a meat-head in sight or one bit of bother in all the weeks i've been a regular. shiney toy guns and pull tiger tail were awesome. get a grip people youre missin out.

david w   4th March 07
Fantastic venue, fantastic staff, fantastic music. a breath of fresh air to sunderland city centre. good luck with the venue and youre future plans.

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