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18 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 564 1746

Photo of InnfusionOpened November 2002, the venue is situated above a row of shops and was known for many years as Bill Stickers. Consists of a single room, with raised dance floor, dance pole and DJ stand at one end, the bar at the other, it is popular for its cheap doubles and treble offers, as well as its original cocktail menu. Innfusion won Sunderland's "Best Bar None" competition 2009!
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regular   28th January 10
seems like all the beautiful girls gather there ;)

deisel   8th January 10
3 words: best bar none

sam&becky   16th December 09
Love it in here, still the best bar in sunderland by miles. XxX

luc   4th August 09
any chance of contact details i think i lost my id here last night

charlie   19th July 09
love it in here but think it should do more event nights and change things up a bit?? Still love it tho! x

xoxoxoxox   29th April 09
innfusion is mint one of the best bar in s/land lyk, cheap drinks and hot bar staff x

emma   5th March 09
the musics good and its a great place to start a night out, love everything bar the bouncers who arent exactly the friendliest x

Phil   25th February 09
I love the place usually start the night there, friendly bar staff good music, amazing atmosphere, very nice management, especially the guy who walks round in light shirt and tie one of the nicest bar manager types ive met. Like it so much usually the last stop on our journey b4 clubbing hometime lol. Keep up the amazing work there

Re: Paul   9th February 09
If you dont like it paul then stay away ther are plenty of other places to drink?? Its not our fault the management changed it is just a sign of the times and it has now regained some of its friendly face which was missing since the last management change! Innfusion is the best place in town and has been for over 3 years, nothing has changed :)

Paul   31st January 09
well uz would agree as uz work there, just tellin it how it is, not as good as it used to be...

Natalie   23rd January 09
I agree with Nic, although the management has changed its still going strong and better than before. Its packed on several nights a week and the double and treble drinks offers have been constant over the credit crunch, Plus! BOGOF on several bottles :) Legendary place if you ask me! x

Nic   11th January 09
Yeah the management has changed but it is still one of the best bars in town, credit crunch has affected alot of people and no where is as busy plus everyone is skint off christmas. The lad who manages it ain't like that at all mate so cant see him ever sayin that, i've worked there ages and he works his arse off and has respect for the customers and people who work there. Think youre thinkin of a different bar mate :D

Paul   7th January 09
has the managment been changed or something??? this place was always the best place in town to go, great atmosphere and even better staff, but the last few weeks something has changed, the staff seem to have become lazy and who's the guy who walks round the place like he owns it? was waiting at the bar for ages so asked him to serve me, he gave the worst look ever then said it wasnt his job and walked off... hardly a hands on approach.

Re:KellyP   5th December 08
You said it, he's a pub dj. Wouldn't work wonders in a big club.

KellyP   4th December 08
dj is amazin, one of the best pub djs in sland, supprised he aint been snapped up by one of the nite clubs yet, luvin the new cocktails as well innfusion, awsome, keep it up, Kelly. X

RE:ste   7th November 08
thanx for the comment ste, we love that you like coming to the bar. I can assure you the staff are very friendly and we will make it our aim to smile every time you come in.

cecil   1st November 08
still love it in here! proper mint!

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