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18 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 564 1746

Photo of InnfusionOpened November 2002, the venue is situated above a row of shops and was known for many years as Bill Stickers. Consists of a single room, with raised dance floor, dance pole and DJ stand at one end, the bar at the other, it is popular for its cheap doubles and treble offers, as well as its original cocktail menu. Innfusion won Sunderland's "Best Bar None" competition 2009!
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ste   1st November 08
like this place its drinks are still mint but wud b nice to see some smiling service like i remember it! still love comin here tho!

lil miss   23rd October 08
best plc to start youre mon nite! its awsome! cheap drinks go down well =)

Joshy boy!   20th October 08
innfusion is the dogs bollocks! any night were out no doubt were in here. music is mint! trebles cheap enuff! atnmosphere quality.... the cracks mint! love it! downfall theyve just employed jack wright! haha only joking jack mate if you go on here :p ha x

mark.   18th September 08
best bar to go to on a monday nyt i am a student and i am in here every monday. the staff are really polite and the drink offers are the best. love the music love the bar

I love Innfusion   7th September 08
I have been going to Innfusion for years now, every night I'm out I spend most of my night there, the music's good, it's a good laugh and nicely priced trebles :) I must agree with everyone that it is boiling hot, but it's not too bad... I think everyone that's moaning about the air con should invest in a better anti-perspirant, or better still, stand next to the windows... x

amy   3rd September 08
innfusion is def the best place to start your night. love it in there keep up the good work guys x

re: Niall Quinn   24th August 08
Thanks for the advice but we have a really good air con system. Unfortunately when you have as many people throught the door as we do and in such a small venue you don't feel the benefit from it. We are working on a solution to this though... Management x

Niall Quinn   23rd August 08
here's a solution management: get some better air con, job done

Chris.   17th August 08
Yeh it's fun at innfusion, good music, good craic!.. but I never want to stop for too long due to the heat. never mind us going to the bar and gettin a drink to keep cool, get some more air-conditioning then people may want to stay longer!

managment   16th August 08
hey guys, have been reading some of your amazing comments... We are aware of the problem that the bar is too hot on busy nights. We do have air conditioning but unfortunately with the amount of people in and all that body heat its hard to keep the place cool. It is something that we are definately looking into improving but until a solution is found all i can say is get oyurself a cheap drink from our bar, have a dance about and sweat it all out - when your having this much fun who cares! Bring on the fun @ innfusion...x

Innfusion management   16th August 08
Hey guys, get down to innfusion every monday night for the best music, service and the cheapest drinks in town... We would love to know what you think of the bar so keep leaving your comments on sunderland nightlife. Thanks, Leanne and the team at innfusion! x

reggy   8th August 08
love it in here best place in town by a mile! come in every week for the best music and a couple of trebles to get set up for the night! get ya selves in its full of the best talent in town aswell ;0)

johnny   7th July 08
It mint in here - best bar in town by a mile - nowhere else has th atmosphere this place has! LOVE IT!

Clubhead1980   30th June 08
Not a bad bar, but it was better when it was Bill Stickers.

debz   11th June 08
its wkd in ere gr8 place to start off ya nite i say like much betta then boulevard lol im in evry sat nite now cant w8 til the weekend agen wooop woooop

jim bob   25th May 08
love it in here - agree wit otha people tht its too hot but its worth it for th best place in town! al be in tonight for me trebles!

Alex   11th May 08
I was visiting my sister couple of mothes ago and a thought infusions was minted lol! the dj that was there that nite was amazing my kind o music like coming dwn to sunderland in two weeks again so al be stopin there x

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