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18 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 564 1746

Photo of InnfusionOpened November 2002, the venue is situated above a row of shops and was known for many years as Bill Stickers. Consists of a single room, with raised dance floor, dance pole and DJ stand at one end, the bar at the other, it is popular for its cheap doubles and treble offers, as well as its original cocktail menu. Innfusion won Sunderland's "Best Bar None" competition 2009!
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hedi   26th January 08
way too cramped in here like, was on Saturday and was full of people i would suggest be described as chavs/hooneys manager works hard tho the wee fella i likes him you singlke

le   26th January 08
went in on thursday asked the barman how much the shots were he said 1 so i ask for for then he asks me for id then tells me to leave. when he looked abut 15 himself. sort it out man

megz   18th January 08
innfusion on a monday and wednesday is the place to be for us students like me and my girls are ALWAYS the last people in there, tripples are mint and the lads in there (even the bar staff) are hot, get the toilets sorted though they are rank!

lea   8th January 08
was in there saturday great bar but what a bunch of moody people its a pub not a wake so me and my girlies showed them how to do it lol x

callum   2nd December 07
The best pub in town, mint prices mint staff, keep it up.

jacky b   28th October 07
this place iz mint. best place in town by a mile. the music is class and its full of lush lasses .

gaaazzzaaaa   15th October 07
mint in here ova the weekend, sat nite was rammed, dident stay as long as a usd to tho cause it was hot, music was class tho and the women were fit, as usual. Prob be in here tnite.

soph   11th October 07
good tunes but terrible for letting underagers in, since iv been going there myself underage for years now haha, i actualy care now that i am of age lol :-(

ben   8th October 07
my god this place is amazing for top totty.

sio   7th October 07
one of the best bars in town, the cocktails are lush and the trebles are dead cheap, service is really good and the music is mint, well done staff keep it up ! x

i love this place.   28th September 07
Just started uni in sunderland, im from leeds, been in innfusion a few times ova the last couple of weeks and its 1 of the best pubs in the town, dj is mint and he always plays requests, staff are nice and friendly and drink prices are cheap. ill be in again ova th weekend. Mwwahhh Kelly Xx

ahmad   24th September 07
one of the few places that servs great cocktails (especially Long island ice tea), i just love it..

anth   3rd September 07
agree with dazza, totty is mint.. music is mint, and its cheap as fooook for a pitcher or trebble vodka or jd.

jana   29th August 07
ha, mate carried me down the stairs on a piggy back coz i was out of it on bank hol sun, lmao! x x mint place to be! x x x

dazzakk   28th August 07
Mint in here on bank holl sun, the totty is class...

ill have a jack & coke please.. :)   21st August 07
Treble JD & Coke for 3,70 How mint is that.. Bars down the road its about 3,30/3.40 for a single.. Treble would be around the 10 mark a reckon, so nice one innfusion, keep it up..

HA   16th August 07
Big dave works on the door Nice 1!

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