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18 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 564 1746

Photo of InnfusionOpened November 2002, the venue is situated above a row of shops and was known for many years as Bill Stickers. Consists of a single room, with raised dance floor, dance pole and DJ stand at one end, the bar at the other, it is popular for its cheap doubles and treble offers, as well as its original cocktail menu. Innfusion won Sunderland's "Best Bar None" competition 2009!
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Ash19XxXxXx   13th April 07
This place is really good on a thrsday, really busy, DJ is georgeous so are the bar staff and doormen, Some georgeous lads in here as well, music is really good to, Keep it up innfusion. Ash XxXxXx

steph   23rd March 07
Love this place, doesn matter what time you go in you always get the best service in town, no where else in town is as good fr cheap drinks served with a smile.

ali   23rd March 07
Best bar in town by a mile - the atmosphere is amazin on a weekend - well worth queuein for ! Drinks are amazin - trebles for 2.70 ! cant argue wtih that. Djs are class specially on a sat night -

claire   20th March 07
yo hands up for detroit remix which is hands up to work ! any one know what the song remxed in to it is called ? thanks xxx

stu   19th March 07
wot a pub - best in town by a mile - no comparison - hav to queue to get in on a thurs and sat but well worth it cos its best around - atmosphere is great, drinks are great and music is spot on - cant wait till thurs to go bak agen !

laura   14th March 07
that song hands up to work, whos it by i cant seem to find it wen i just search the title any1 no the artist?

jordan   12th March 07
What a place........... this bar is amazing. the venue is sleek and cool and perfect for sunderland students. the staff are all stunning and provide excellent service even under pressure! WOW if you like cocktails this is the place... these babies will blow yoour brains off with flavour!!!

Lado   11th March 07
Hiya any one no what the choon is called mixed in to hands up to work song ? fedde le grand put your hands up for detroit ? Cheers

To - Lado.   5th March 07
Yeah the remix is called "Hands up to work" i think ive heard it being played in Blu Bambu before, The DJ Bluetooth'd it to me becuase i asked him nicely :) Ashlei. Xxx

jeff   4th March 07
Never have any luck with the ladies, just want to be loved boo hoo lol

lado   4th March 07
Any one no the fedde le grand choon they play in here or where to get it far as me no its caleld hands up for work or some thing like that !!!!

klum   4th March 07
Mint place to be cheap drinks and class to meet new ppl.

Ashlei   28th February 07
How good is it in here please, some fit guys and ladies ;) Really good, down to earth, trendy crowd, Cheap drinks and geogeous cocktails, Def worth a visit. X

Cazzy   24th February 07
good pub - Yep young on a thursday but hey where isent, still see a lot of people get id'd mind so thats good. But a trendy crowd and a mint mint pub.

good pub   23rd February 07
Really like the place and it's been a regular haunt for the past two or three years. Was in on a thursday recently mind and saw loads of under 18's..looked 16. Can't knock it as I used to do it myself, but still.

steve   18th February 07
the blonde lass behind the bar is stunnin! and its a great atmosphere specially on mondays!

danny666   2nd February 07
How cheap are the trebles in here plz.. Treble JD & COKE hmmmmmm haha.

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