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18 Park Lane. Tel: 0191 564 1746

Photo of InnfusionOpened November 2002, the venue is situated above a row of shops and was known for many years as Bill Stickers. Consists of a single room, with raised dance floor, dance pole and DJ stand at one end, the bar at the other, it is popular for its cheap doubles and treble offers, as well as its original cocktail menu. Innfusion won Sunderland's "Best Bar None" competition 2009!
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Forbsy4   27th November 06
Nice little bar Mint Spirit collection best in town if you know what you like. Bar staff friendly door staff too will be back next time im out it allways gets messy when we pop in lol.

helen n laura   21st November 06
infusion is the best place eva!!! the music is mint but its more rnb than dance! and there is a fair bit of decency to!! We can't go to sunderland without going to infusion 1st! its the place to be, 9 - 10 is the best time to go

Dawn & Sasha.   18th November 06
Gurt, erm are you ok !!!!! Few to many me thinks... Anyway LOVE innfusin... class little pub, Music is awsome, DJ is nice (& Cute ;) and has all the latest tunes, drink prices are cheap as well. Keep it up innfusion... Xxx

gurt   13th November 06
the fanny is swell but the toilets smell, the music is dry but i dont mean to pry, after all the boooze a time comes when you need to choose that woman, that one that makes you drool and wants to see her naked in a swimming pool.

x x x   12th November 06
Was in last Thursday and my friend spilt a bit of her drink on the seat, so i asked the bar staff for a napkin or a cloth or something and she tells me that under no circumstances was she allowed to give me one even when i explained what it was for. Whats the crack wiv that? What did she think i was gonna do... snort it?!

haylz   12th November 06
The tune your on about with britney in the background is called Toxic Rhythm...

Cheap!   9th November 06
Decent tunez!!! Cheap drinks and top toppy.. One of the best bars in town.

Party girls   3rd November 06
Start here every Sat because the double's & treble's are CHEAP! Bar gets really packed but it would do with prices like that! Must be the cheapest bar in S/land for doubles/trebles. Good music too x

Dan   3rd November 06
Went to sunderland for the 1st time last night normaly go to newcastle and by far sunderland is much better hands down ;) innfusion is wkd cheap drinks and ample of totty no complaints from me.

suma   2nd November 06
good place, I go there every time I am out, can't knock it!

Phil   27th October 06
We miss amnei and chrissie!!! Great pub, cheap drinks, and good looking people! just what the doctor ordered!

MaRk!!!   25th October 06
Doorman & staff are friendly and pollite. nice place.

SashaDD   18th October 06
Has anyone tried the cocktails in here? Orioko Cookie i think it was called, absolutly georgeous and you get a cookie with the drink, ha, best cocktails & cheapest trebels in town.

Resident_DJ_Neil_Hopper   11th October 06
Hope to see you all in here this Thursday & Saturday with me kickin out the best Dance & R&B Tunez around ;) See you there.

jonny   10th October 06
Prices are best in the town here... but the staff are better Josie and Danielle, legends!!

Lucy&Claie.   6th October 06
Staff are nice and friendly, music is mint and drink prices are one of the cheapest in town.

Tune!!!!   6th October 06
Anyone know what that song is called that they play in here, its got the britney spears tune in the background but some guy singin we wanna rock to the beat and stamp your feet or something like that, Heard it when i was on holliday, Awsome tune...

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