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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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Darren - Former staff.   4th May 10
I think it's a complete and utter shame to be honest! All the hard work, time and effort to make it a respectable bar with decent clientele and look at the tranformation! Back to square one again. My first shift under new ownership was on Saturday and it was a sham! But if thats the way they want to run their bar's then so be it.

Jess ( Ex Owner )   3rd May 10
I have sold Kulers and banana joe's is the new owner. I had amazing time when i used to come up here from coventry. i would like to say a thanks to the staff who has worked for me in the past. Kulers is going to be a different bar called Battersbys. I hope banana joe's will be happy taking over the place.

Sarah   1st May 10
Is it true that the man who owns banana jos has jst bought Kulas?

sam   25th April 10
i say bring back the pole and it used to be busy till it took over new mangement. the staff lovely

Ian   19th March 10
What kind of music do you play in here please?

daniel harrison   7th January 10
BRING BACK THE POLE IN KULA'S! i was a very welcomed regular customer. to kula's bar and i'am sorry but i use to come into the bar with quite a crowd, but was very disappointed when we all found out that the pole had been removed and came to a few pouffe's slumbered in the corner where our lovely pole use to be, that entertained not only my crowd but other customers. as we use to queue to get on the pole i would be grateful if you could put back the pole

Pinky   15th September 09
I love the refurb makes working there so much better, lovely clean place now.

Louise Joy   31st August 09
Loving the new look, Kulas has really turned itself around, Kulas was always great to begin with but with the new look its definitely got busier, the DJ's here are amazing and the drinks are cheap, haven't been in Kasbar yet but upstairs is great. There's a dance floor, places to sit down and talk and the smoking area outside is great. Could be advertised a bit more though and a few theme nights would reel in the students

shaftts   28th August 09
whats with the hard sell on door ... they put you off straight away if we dont want to go in we wont silly kids begging you to go in must be that bad ....

bob   24th August 09
well looks interesting from the outside, never been in before though, staff outside trying to get you in put me right off.

shaun   24th August 09
like the new morroccan look

julie x   20th August 09
it a gud pub, go there every time we all go out, its the bomb

Nicole x   19th August 09
I go there every time i go out. Love It! x

JayDavis   5th August 09
awesome refit, nice to know two rooms music now. love the look. well done for the comming future. peace

DJ Craig   2nd August 09
Went in on the open night, i was inpressed. good work

DJ Craig   31st July 09
Thanks robz x, me and all the DJ's agree with you

Robz xxx   30th July 09
I would just like to say i think that th best thing about kulas is ther music which is of cors dwn to th DJ! I love Kulas coz the music is class! And after reading them comments about the Djs i think some certain people are deffo jealous! Grow up and stop going to the bar if ya dnt like th DJ! Afterall its all about th tunage! Haha. And i am sure that all of my m8s wud agree wiv what i av sed! Cya Sat Shexieeessss! x

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