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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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linz   25th June 09
i swear to god some people just like to moan i think! it aint the best bar in town but i love it, its cheap and the atmosphere is wicked

DJ Craig   18th May 09
Yea man i agree, your right :)

sunderland dj   13th May 09
re: dj craig im a dj in town too mate a wouldnt worry bout the bedroom dj wannabe's man! i get it all the time i just laugh at them! at the end of the day if they are that good why dont they make a go of it and give it a bash an try an get somewhere! answer= because they are simply cack! everyone thinks its a life of reilly for us well they are sadly wrong its canny stressful at times tryin to keep up with the demand, and iv got loads of them pre mixed cd's too thats why every request comes straight on haha! over and out!

DJ Craig   5th April 09
hahaha.... yeah thats right us DJ's there have no talent haha, well you know its all them mix CD's we put on :P Well hey if you fit the bill come down and have a word with the manager.... the guy you said has no talent... because last time i checked he's the main DJ there... sooo hmm, you go see him tell him you think hes sh*t and ask for his job....hey good luck mate :P and your right we are canny lads :P

Jay   2nd April 09
Not too bad i have to say, although the dj's are not up to scratch. i'm sure they're canny enough lads, but they need to hire some people with talent! i believe i fit that bill

Cnadyhouse   2nd April 09
CandyHouse comes to kulas every sat night for after party from 2am till 4am.Bringing you there slice of lovely nice that is all house funk and classic... Watch out for the CandyHouse photographers taken pics of you sexy lot in out and around the town also..... See you on the dance floor love CHx

bobq   13th March 09
does any one actually know if this bars open during the day went down 2day and it was all locked up like it used to be

re:Ejay...   4th March 09
You have my number....hmmm well lol, its all good and well you have my number, but try ringing it so i know who you are haha :P lol

ejay   21st February 09
dj craig absoulte ledgend ... got your number ;)

DJ Craig   25th January 09
hahaha well clearly they just have published your comment haha lol

scuba steve   25th January 09
why do they never publish any comments i make on here lol

claire   10th January 09
love it in here 50p Jager Bombs from management brill i say

Emily   29th December 08
OMG this bar is mint... i love the monday nights, the two DJs in there are amazing. always a good night with them on the decks x

RE; Nob head   20th December 08
To the guy who is insulting Craig, you are clearly jealous of him as your making a point of writing a message insulting him when he was mearly defending himself on the comment hannah made

Re Craig   14th December 08
You've constantly contradicted yourself on here, as well as show everyone in Sunderland your immature even for your age. Your not a superstar DJ. Your not even someone anyone would consider as a warm up jock either. Do you see the bigger lads (Point, Passion, Liquid) DJ's coming on here and moaning their arse off, bigging themselves up? No. Swallow that self proclaimed pride and sit down craig.

Dj Craig   13th December 08
Hannah, ok...i will be DJin on sat sun and mon....u think you can do a better job, come down and i will pass you the head phones. tell you what while you do that i will sit back and laugh

re:hannah   12th December 08
it cnt be craig, he;s not a dj. he's a barman who can put cd's into a cdj

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