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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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Dj Danny Kyle   11th December 08
Still DJing on a saturday, but ive been doing some work in ttonic aswell every fortnight for a few hours. Should be interesting to have a bit change, as it means a different DJ to me will be on for a couple of hours every to weeks... variety is the spice of life! lol

hannah (pulse)   11th December 08
aw actually have been in once on a tuesday and how great are the drink prices. been in magaluf all summer living on slippery nipples and cheeky vimtos and what other bar in town does these at a cheap price ?!

hannah (pulse)   11th December 08
dont get in much as work in pulse all weekend but all i have to say is that dj is 1 stunner haha

julie   10th December 08
love this place befor going to passion nighht club

the kulas girl   10th December 08
oh my god some of the comments on here are stupid and pointless.if you dont like it dont come in but i assure you it does get busy and the staff do work. my god it is just a fun bar with cheap drinks and a good atmoshere and i should know im here every day lol.

Dj Craig   10th December 08
In my opinian if i had a choice of what music i would play in this bar, it would be dance andf house.... but orr nooo... i cant play that can i :( bloody RnB i have to play RAW! does me head in...u can do more with house and dance but RnB, the playlists arnt exactly of massive range... (i.e. stuff people are gonna like)

jackie   9th December 08
i think danny is djing else where on a saturday especcially think hes in ttonic

jackie mc chan   7th December 08
love it how so many peeps are defending it yet there is a huge for sale sign up ? feeling the pinch mr kula ?

bob   7th December 08
really nice bar but the DJ in on saturday could do with changing his playlist as its the same music all the time being played and where has DJ Danny gone

Little Dee   20th November 08
Class On saturday In my Opinion like.. Love the Music And that lad in the toilets rappin.. even if he does charge a pund for a chewy haha.. musics class.. Quickly served.. and for people that say its dead need to actually get in the bar and go upstairs.. cos i assure ya it aint.. Dancefloors alwers chocker along with the the balcony.. Good neet all in all For me anywers..

louise   20th November 08
i love kulas good tunes good drink mint staff cant fault the place on anything love it keep rockin kulas we love you!

Kula   6th November 08
We get enough people in to fill the upstairs of our venue which is the main part of the venue. Downstairs is used as an overflow to the upstairs and used when we are busy upstairs. Many venues have part of the venue closed off until it is more busy, its just that normally its the upstairs that gets closed off. But all this aside, it looks like your quite obviously just trying to pick fault with the place for no reason. I would hazard a guess that your more than likely a bitter ex member of staff trying to cause trouble.

Emily   6th November 08
To be honerst from what i have read here in relevance to how busy kulas gets when am in here i would say that you have never been in if you claim it is not busy, its a mint place so get a life and actully come to kulas and check it out your self, the place is nice and the staff are nice...(especially that blonde lad on a monday night who plays the music) x :) x

re kulas bar   5th November 08
so what you are saying is, you basicaly dont get enough custom to have your venue full, or even half full for that matter, just a few people who fancy a beer and smoke at the same time?

kulas bar   4th November 08
RE: passer by= The glases all get washed thuroughly before there used again its not like we dont ever wash them again so i dont no what your worried about if thats all you have to think about i think you need to get a life! As for the curtain were not trying to hide anything we have nothing to hide. We dont have downstairs open every night because most people go upstairs for the smoking terrace so we only open downstairs on a weekend have you ever been upstairs or do you like to pick at other people and there business' without having investigated it properly because youre unhappy with your own life!

Passer By   3rd November 08
Re:bottels on table, standerd bar work includes clearing tables. end of night job on clean down. just sounds to me as if its just pure lazyness..

Passer By   3rd November 08
What people to serve? The large lad behind the bar is usually on the door or sat down. You've even put a curtain up to hide how dead it is! The glasses should be taken away at the end of the night, and surfaces cleaned, do you know how many flies are going to be attracted to the sugars when left uncleaned?

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