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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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kulas bar   2nd November 08
RE: Passer By our cleaner does not until late afternoon so the glasses may well be there all ady and as for on a night there is bound to be glasses on the table in the bar its bar we use glasses and we cant be clearing tables 24-7 we have people to serve !

Passer By   1st November 08
Everytime I walk past Kula's Bar, be it day or night, there is always a mess of bottles and glasses on the front table in the window. Is this an attempt to make it look like people drink in this venue? Or just an example of how dirty it is?

DJ Craig   28th October 08
This is to all who read this. i am not slating DJ Paul, i think he is a really good DJ, i was using constructive critisim to which i think people took offence. i did not mean to cause any problems. i have a great passion for DJin and as i have not been a DJ for a great length of time yet i put my opinians across the wrong way, so i revoke what i said about the DJ.

Re: Dj Craig   24th October 08
I have seen the comments on the other pages you have made. You are a student, yes you may know you know a lot of DJ's but that does not mean you know everything about music. I think you are wrong what you are saying. give it a rest slagging other djs off! yes you have worked in other places and they liked your work but realise what you said everyone that hurd you actually knew you? says it all dont it?

Joe   24th October 08
Hey kulas, luvin the bar bt gota ask why youre dj craig is slating other dj's on there page on this site ? Bit petty dont you think realy put us off u'z as our mates are dj's to round town, sorry guys bt part from that love ya bar lol

DJ CRAIG   22nd October 08
Hey all... dont forget to come down this sunday and monday, am on the decks tryin me bst to entertain you all. to the girl Emily (hahaha am not fit like am just a blonde tit, i will have to take you to specsavers sum time hahaha nah only kiddin)

old gregg   14th October 08
didnt realise at all the upstairs was actually the terrace above boab! a a thort it wasnt associated with any bar in sunderland but its a really good view as a can have a few cheap drinks on a monday like a treble vodka for 2.00! and watch the varsity que go dwn b4 a move on! smashin bar and smashin music! its nufin like the dwnstairs wen you walk past its different to everywhere else unusually the action is upsatirs i urge anyone to try the place owt!

Sarah   5th October 08
i like this place. good music. cheap drink, and you can actually have a conversation without shouting. keep it up x

Kulas bar   29th September 08
Just to say a big thankyou to everyone for your help and support in the past few weeks were really starting to get a good following and the more you come in the better it gets so keep on coming in and enjoying yourselves and remember if you have any ideas song requests or would like to book the bar for a party dont hesitate to come to one of us and ask!

daviejay   24th September 08
hello folks, just to let you know that'LoveFunkys sunday nite classic retro and oldschool session could well be on the way to be hosted on a friday nites session. due to demand of the public askin 4other nite then sunday due to the masses who have work next day. well the kind enough owners have seen fit to poss allow it to be try'd and tested on a friday nite. this is still in talks but looks promising. Thanks for all the support recently as the nite is doin well,but we all are in agreence that moved to a substancel nite wud or could benifit more...what this space and keep eye out for the posters...peace from LoveFunky an kulas x

pete   23rd September 08
kukas ia actually canny like was propper mint yesterday like !

Ricky Isted   22nd September 08
High 5 high to who ever wrot the comment about cavs. kind of know who it may b. big up to u. dam right to the truer words said. daviejay adds'Tilly weres youre head at?Were's youre head at(investergate were these words come from an you may find song and artist that creates music that kulas trys to play.Play in the sense that 'Were's everysbody head at in sunderland?) person who wrot exsisting comment is so right,constructid critisisum is great,all surroundin bars and clubs need it,it makes them what they are today. kulas only does what it can as a licencecy for the public for comsumin alcohol. so weather you want to knock this bar or any other then thats up to u. sunderland bars and clubs does its best to please and great job they all do.high five to all them inculdin kulas,just remember public pay for what they want so go were they want.At kulas they just entice to give difference. An what a difference they give. go kulas!

Emily Scott   21st September 08
Its not a chav bar like. its well mint, that DJ with the blonde hair is well fit.

re: to tilly, tns and dhb   21st September 08
i fail to see how you can call this a chav bar, when the likes of jaydees etc play crap like cascada, whereas you wont hear that crap in here. a wide selection of music is played in order to try to cater for the masses, but never will we go down the chav road and play darren styles and cascada all night. what we do play are old dance classics that everybody likes to sing along to after a drink, such as set you free and we like to move it. these are not chav songs, simply songs that everybody knows and recognises. call it a chav bar when it starts playing constant scouse house, clubland shite, and chipmunks singing over the top of a speeded up track that used to be good until it was spoilt by the charvers. but you wont find that in here now, so please get your facts right. i dont think a chav bar would play the likes of razorlight, coldplay and kasabian on certain nights would it? the door staff are brilliant and make sure that the bar gets a good bunch of people in. also as for the comments from "dhb" about why does the upstairs open when the downstairs is poor, the upstairs does very well and gets busy, so why wouldn't it open? i often wish that people would think before they make daft comments on here without actually knowing what theyre talking about. constructive critisism is great as it can help improve the bar, but blatant slagging off is a bit childish and pointless.

tilly   20th September 08
thanks for comment,only what see on few sat nights and did not like it. useually a group of us in,decent drinkers. all girl group,want have laugh etc,just not into gettin harrased and rude gestures spoken out thinkin they manly an get in our knickers so to speak. yeh understand get it everywere,but least other place the fellas seem a bit more tact ful.its just this behavouire can put people off! yeh prob will come in another nite just to see. thanks for the reply nice to know you make effort with some customers.x

re;tilly   19th September 08
we are not a chav bar we just try to play a selection of music to please everyone we have different music nights during the week so come in on a different night and try it out then!

shaun   19th September 08
I like this bar decent prices all the time as opposed to cheap then expensive it tries on the dj front as well loving the old school house the other night but genreally tries to create differant nights during the week from RnB to indie defenitly one of the stop offs on my night out now.

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