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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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tilly   18th September 08
oh chav tastic our we, this bar rocks reminds me good olds days in 'vision' lovin it, full cheap up for it women,an boys who think there men! sat nites get in, bring on the trance and clubland sounds...lovin it lovin it lovin not. last of me going in here, was good once upon a time.... had a great direction in music, now the direction seems to be downhill.

re; dhb   17th September 08
the dj is the resident DJ and also the manager he was a DJ long b4 he was the manager and he had DJd in many places b4 here so i think you need to get your ears tested as its you who doesnt have a clue!

tns   15th September 08
what is going on with sat nights also fast becoming a chav nite. where is this bar going? as far as going wrong it is gettin there fast. anyway can some one point me in right way of management as would like to hire bar if poss for party. cheers

dhb   14th September 08
dj with a blonde stripe is clueless told me he was the boss, if the dj refects the business god help, why do the up stairs open when down is poor, vice a versa.

1of 6 djs from kulas   14th September 08
to all who give there digs and negative comments of this bar or any in the town for that matter, hurry for you and the view. my comment to you and the wallpaper hurts your eyes, then just by some sunglasses, my comment to you and the dj cant mix is they must be doing somethin right to least have a job there,so please all you lot stop bein so negative as you forget one thing which is the customer decides were to spend there money so you dont want to be here then dont come in we not loosin out on anythin an formost you must enjoy coming in here to find more stuff to talk about so somewere down line you secrectly must like the place. Life goes on here at kulas no matter what is said, but if still dissapointed then open your own bar smart asses and lets see you do better. To all regulars we thank you for your custom and smiley faces, peace to all even thoughs who have nothin better to do then slate us,mustin be much going on in your own live!

jackie mc-chan   13th September 08
ok then let me divulge, the guy who plays the uplifting, housey kinda music! im not dissing him as a dj ( i am one myself and open to any critique) its all a learning curve! and for such a tiny venue to have 6 dj's on the payroll is not cost efficient. I'm not saying this place is doomed, with the right guidance it could be so much better and then my custom would be gained! (still better than pulse, banana joes, paddywhacks,bo~ab, rush ,white room and a few more)

re Jackie mc-chan   10th September 08
You obviously don't know what your talking about mate as your refering to "the dj". If you had any clue then youd know that there are 6 different DJ's in total... Have you ever even been in? Also in reply to "Niall Quinn", If you work 5 nights a week in the town, then you obviously don't get much of a chance to sample the atmosphere do you. This bar is continuing to get busier, and rightly so, the upstairs is brilliant and often open late, a refreshing change to the glass spider.

Sammy   8th September 08
I love this place, its cheap, the bar staff are funny and cute. The dj always plays the best music and they are also nice. Its free to get in and its bouncing most nights, especially a monday and saturday x im in here nearly every night so i Love it

jackie mc-chan   7th September 08
i beg to differ i know exactly what im talkin about , i fail to see the awesomness of this place? its too small, decor makes my eyes hurt, staff need to smile and do somthing really lazy!, and as for the dj well yeah he might play the songs you like because thats what a dj does but dont mean he is good at what he does.

nina   3rd September 08
love this bar people obviously dont no what there talking about the place is awesome i love it and i think personally the DJ is really good always plays what songs we like when were out love the bar love the staff love the music x

jackie mc-chan   25th August 08
all the hype makes this place sound amazing, its not. Tiny, never busy, miserable staff, dj cant mix... actually i have heard worse but your timing is just off.... only upside is reasonable prices

Craig   25th August 08
So you work in the town 5 nights a week and you claim that it has no atmosphere. well thats your opinion and that counts for nothing really as you are just one indervidual. try telling that to all the people who actully come to the bar. considaring that this place has only been open since December its doing quite well.

Niall Quinn   23rd August 08
Love how you say this place is bouncing, i work in the town 5 nights a week and it's got less atmosphere than a crypt

Rex   22nd August 08
Chris: kronic is smashing the place up, top tuneage from these boys,we at kulas are lovin the effort they doing in puttin on a good nite. Mondays: oh yeh baby,Student nite is gettin wicked, thanks to new resident Dj Ridders & Co,bringing in the sounds of now that only you inteligent lot(mm when ont mortal lol) know and love. You may off also noticed last monday a few free shots were going around, this only happens when we see you lot truly havin a good time and dancin,(mamagement reserve the right) but over all comments comming in thick and fast on how good the nite is,mostly good reports on how safe the nite is, which we pride ourselfs on giving you all a safe but fun nite.

RE:sunday nite....the prob with sunday nite is one of many, 1st the nite dont start till 9pm,and then when does dont really pick untill 11.30 -12.30. then we got to take in to concideration the weather and lets face it sundays seems to be getting the back wash of rain,and of recent when it rains it poors....so due to these natural weather faults doors do tend to close early. another fault is that even though this is a cracking nite of music on sunday.sadly some people have work the next day(unless a bank hol) kulas thanks all for your comments and grateful of your view, we only wish to please an produce a great nite for all on all nites...

RE: Chris   20th August 08
Yeah Kronic on the Wednesday is startin to get bouncin. Shame there aint a crowd in a bit earlier, but im sure that'll come with time. The crowd that does go in later really get goin. Monday is a pretty good night aswell, it seems like the busiest night! Anyone else been in on a monday?

sunday night   19th August 08
went in on sunday only about 8 in then shut it at 12 am whats going on? i can see why i dont go in no more you never no what is happening what a let down

Chris   16th August 08
I can see the Sundays are going well in here now, but what does everyone think of Kronic, personally it has made the Wednesday much much better in my opinion. Was quite busy last week

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