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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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dj liam gray   9th August 08
rock on dj davie was in on sat nite and when you said whats happening in here bout bloody time mate . gives this the place the egde to be different from the norm but it will be a good thing . will defo be popping in to be educated ha ha dj liam gray

Managment Kulas bar.   6th August 08
LoveFunky..Presents.. ANTHEMS OF HOUSE. Finally just through shear determitation,and passion for the old school house classics of 89-99. Dj DavieJay is rightfully getting the recognition he deserves. And with such a warm response on the nite,and as seen in some of the msgs on this post board. And if any one knows him like we do,we know Davie will overwhelmed with your support and thanks...

Into its 4th week now and going from strength to strength. 1 of the best old school nights ever to have graced our bar. With a change from the weeks normality of music,and a trip down,memory lane. If any one is to remember the Fantazias/ Collossum/ Meltdowns (middlesbourgh)/ The Original blue monkey/Retro(yarm) and many more... Then if so, your all in for a treat with Dj DavieJay, spininig you the very best in piano house of the hayday. With 18yrs Exp and unique style, his dj sets are fast becoming legendary to the Re-revival of this ever lost scean. So pop on your smilely face and come take a trip down memory lane... Hevanly satisfaction assured.

WARNING WARNING: To over 18s & under 25s THIS IS NOT A RAVE! But a Revival of history in the field of dance music that spawned a revilation and created,what is known today as the clubing generation. A Lesson to you young'ns out there, that with out this era of music, you would not have what music you have today. So come and enjoy and be educated... managent reserve right. Drinks offers and Promos as normal,see within. Free entrance.9pm til late.

DavieJay   5th August 08
Sunday 3rd Aug
LoveFunkys 'Anthems of House' top 5 floor shackers.
5.Robin S.'you got to show me love' 2008 remix(this is massive)
4.Shades of Rythm 'another chance(4you to dance with me)
3.Morey Kantie 'yeke yeke'
2.Asha 'jj.tribute'
1.Candy Girls 'fe fi fo fum '(boy did this get a response)

Davie Jay(LoveFunky)   5th August 08
LoveFunky(sun3rd aug) ANTHEMS OF HOUSE... Hi to all who attened the nite,got to say great turn out and massive response to the nite.it shows there is still a passion out there for some classic old school house music. big shout out to mr Gary Pern,lauren(who will be missed as going to pastures new)beth,linz,Danny kyle(with out whome the event wud not happen) staff and door lads who with out you hard work,wud not be a huge sucsses,to everyone who turned up.Special shout Mr S.Pybus for beliven and all his outside support and kind words. and to anynoe i missed out. thanks from LoveFunky. see you next sunday x

passerby   4th August 08
this bar always looks dead when walk past, how i was proved wrong sunday, place was bouncin upstaires.never usually go in but got ta say music was wht drag me in. ad'nt heard music like that in while. some form old school nite. Hence i stayed and got to say bloody good nite.will b bck is ths every sunday or is it a 1off? anynone let me know

m.warren   4th August 08
sunday nite, anthems of house, pow wow awesome nite, great to see somewere doing something diff. will be back again for sure.

a mexican (el pybo)   1st August 08
Re:love funky. Its good to see someone doing a good old school night in sunderland, and by looking at the chart you have got it spot on, keep up the good work chaps.

DavieJay(LoveFunky)   28th July 08
Re:Liam Grey... always interested in some new tuneage. i have difficulty gettin hold of stuff as dont have proper access in the down load world so got to rely on other sources when can. anyway other then that could do with ahook up am sure i know you. tuesday nites and sundays from 7pm ya can always find me here. so if you ever get time pop in say hello blah blah blah...laters.

LOVEFUNKY   28th July 08
Just got to say thanks to all who turned out last nite (sunday27th) great turn out once agian. big shout to the new group of polish people don-ing the dance floor. great to see there love for british house music is massive. Well once agian the nite supassed beyound recognition. as always sunday is a old school nite focusing on the last 20 years of house. and boy the response of you lot on the floor was massive. great to see lot of the older crowd singing along to the lost classics. thanks to kulas bar management(new manager by the way and doin a grand job) staff and door lad who all help in there own way to make this a safe and enjoyable nite.

As always theres a good selection of drinks promos'fish bowls starting from 6 onwards. 50p selected shots(hurry as these tend to go fast)..Great smoking terrace for those in need of the nicotin fix. but for others its 1 of the best people watchin places in da town.

Sunday Nites Top 5 Charts...
5.Duke-so in love with you-orig mix
4.K-klass-let me show you-klub mix
3.Jam and Spoon-Right in the Night-orig mix
2.Perfecto Allstars-Pigbag-orig mix (others now it as Alex Gaudinos'watch out')
1.Evoke-Arms of Loren-classic mix
Thats all for now see you all next sunday
love from LoveFunky...
Dj.DavieJay(promoter4the event)

LilGaz   8th July 08
Love Kulas keep the good work up :D

darren   7th July 08
did anybody see that girl who youst to work in rush in here last sun (i think) take her top offf and swing it round her head? also seen her in the spider, she is funny as hell! see her out quite a bit mainly on a sun.... rush missed out big style lettin her go! kula's you shud snap her up man! does anyone no where she works now? she seems to no everyone always laughin and carryin on she should become a comerian! lol. kulas keep up the good work and try get her workin here (ur profits would go through d' roof! ha ha cya's all next week!

DJ Liam Gray   7th July 08
got a class remix of Chris Brown's No Air on a House Bootleg Remix If You want a copy give me a shout will drop one in for you ! DJ Liam Gray

dj gray   6th July 08
alrite hope the sundays are going well cant wait to join the the dj team team think it will just bring kulas level right up with all of under one roof and when danny sorts out what he mention to me whats in the pipe line be even better mate got loads of new material too been banging away on the mixer want any tunes give me a bell dj liam gray

reply to carl   4th July 08
i dont know who charged you that price but it was wrong!

Carl   2nd July 08
3 pound for a single Jack Daniels, without the mixer. I'd hate to think of that price would be on a Saturday night.

Andy / DJ   1st July 08
Just created a group which is going pretty well for our night with Me, Seydou & Danny - Every Wednesday 9-1 with the latest Hiphop/R'n'B. Goto... http://www.kronic.007sites.com and join our facebook group, cheers for all the support :-)

new fan   18th June 08
when this first opened i thought it was crap and decided to miss it out on the nightly rounds until i saw it woz prety buzy a few weeks ago so decided to give it anutha chance (along with much persuasion from the flyer man and free shot). since then ive been in every nite ive been out and its quickly becoming 1 of my favorit bars. its busy every nite ov the week from what ive seen and has a good mixture of music on different nites but the only bad thing is that the drinks prices are different on different days and times but i must admit that ther always canny cheep. keep up the good work kulas

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