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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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LOVEFUNKY   17th June 08
Thanks again for a good turn out. another bouncyin nite. some great old school bein played. Stay posted peeps as kulas will be going large on Facebook, with a few other little surprises install for the sunday nite session... top 5 sunday play list for last sunday.....
5.Nush 'You girls look so sexy'
4.Baby D ' Let me be your fantasy' Falkiron remix(Davie Jay Exclusive)
3.PurrTone ' Addictted to bass ' Pure tone remix(Davie Jay Exclusive)
2.'Sammin vrs love lives' (Danny Kyle Eclusive)
1.Rio ' Shine on ' (Danny Kyle Exclusive)
massive tuneage so keep a listen out for them.... peace love and see ypu all next time luv LOVEFUNKY.

claire   12th June 08
Asolutely love it! bar staff wicked tuesday nights are just the best. good DJ and drag queen was amazin on tuesday. danny(drag queen) kev and wayne yas make me laugh non stop! great night all round. x

misty   9th June 08
thanks for the cd. there ain't no party like a kulas party

dj davie jay   9th June 08
Big shout out to all who attended our best kept secret on a sunday nite.'LOVEFUNKY'. Sunday just gone was massive ,went off big style. big thanks from myself Davie Jay and el mistro dj DK.(Danny kyle your weekend resident) and all you crazy lot for just bein you. Apologyies to all who i said no to on certain requests,so let me put everyone straight. Sunday is for fun and all things retro funky,filthy,electro and new. the rule is no r and b and no repeat of any weekend music from thurs to sat. this is a nite of qulity house music to rivil all. so please understand you want to listen to repeats then you all know were the bars are. Summer is upon us and the nites are longer and sundays in Kulas is going to get bigger, with a few little surprises. so come on you crazy lot, we got a great terrace and view so lets make it rivel others........ see you all next sunday. Ps. big shout and thanks to the bar staff and management and door lads who work hard to allow us to put on these nites to keep you all happy. Luv from LOVEFUNKY

nicola   9th June 08
love this bar, finally something decent with the sunday nites, music class, be back again x

DirtylilStudent   2nd June 08
Love this bar! always good for a warm up drink before heading to bambu on a wednesday. May look empty but top bar rules! Well worth a visit x

DJ   31st May 08
RE Ray: Ok no worries mate, everybody is entitled to their opinion. Wednsday night is our r'n'b night, and for the main of it we have another DJ, so it may be me or the other DJ you mean. The other DJ plays r'n'b and hip hop etc, where as i play a mixture at the beggining and end. If it is the r'n'b DJ you mean, then sometime r'n'b can be difficult to mix because of the contrasting bpm's. My personal preference is funky house etc, although i also play commercial as its what the public want. But as long as you enjoyed yourself and come back, thats the main thing! Be sure to check the place out on a weekend as well when im DJing all night and feel free to let us know what you think.

DJ Liam Gray   31st May 08
had a listen to them remixes awesome ones on there got a few more for you too so will drop them in for you better to share then not share thats how you get new stuff . trying to fing a bar i can play them now though with not much joy

Ray to DJ   31st May 08
Like a said mate no hardfeelings, the tunage is mint simple as. Wz a Wednesday night a few weeks back what a wz on about but like a sed il deffo be back coz its got a really good vibe about the place....at the end of the day youre the Professional not me ha.

DJ   30th May 08
Yeah mate, some good tracks on there, thanks again for that. My personal favourite is the burning son of a gun one. The angel city one also went down well with a few people. Will let you know when i get some sorted and return the favour bud.

DJ Liam Gray   28th May 08
re to dj : hope you liked the remixes i dropped in for you. Has there been any feed back yet and how did they go down ? Dj Liam Gray

DJ   24th May 08
In response to Ray, i take the fact that you enjoy the music as a compliment, although i personally feel my mixes are quite good. Which night were you in may i ask? Sometimes people make comments about "the dj" without saying which night they were in, and although i am the resident we have different people also djing on certain nights. As i said, i'm glad you enjoyed the music whether it was me or one of the other dj's, and hopefully you'll be back again. In responce to Stan, i'm not sure which tall barman your talking about, but i can only think it may be Rob. He left to persue other avenues lol. But he's in the bar regularly, so make sure you pop in, and you might catch him! Also, to "sunday night", the sunday nights are a specifically house orientated night, ranging from old skool retro classics, to new funky house, electro house and tech. If it's a more commercial thing your looking for, then you may enjoy a friday or saturday night more! Don't forget as well people, pop up and see me or whoever else is DJing when your in for your shout outs and requests. Hope to see you all bank holiday!

Miss Mackem   22nd May 08
love this place on a saturday night. havnt been in any other night yet i'll have to try it through the week. good drinks prices, and the sexy dj plays all my request :)

Joey   22nd May 08
haha the guy dressed up as freddie mercury on tuesday was hilarious! Will defo be in next tuesday!

Stan the Man   22nd May 08
What happened to the tall bartender who used to work in here? Anyway the rest of the staff are still class! Good drinks prices compared to other bars good music and good atmosphere if you go in at the right time. the balcony just completes the place aswell!

RE: Ray   22nd May 08
You obviously don't know what your talking about mate, as the DJ in here is one of the only DJ's in the town that can mix. Every other bar i go in the DJ's just press play, or put no effort into their mixes. Top bar, top prices, top staff, top DJ.

sunday night   19th May 08
was in last night its a ok bar but the staff need to get there act to gether the down stairs bar and up stairs bar dont no what they selling and needs a new dj but still ok bar

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