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Kulas Bar

Vine Place

Photo of Kulas BarTwo floor bar, one bar downstairs with a second bar, DJ stand and smoking terrace upstairs, unfortunately with all the action being upstairs it leaves this bar to look quiet when walking past and can be left out when you're looking for a busy place to have fun!
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Ray   19th May 08
Hey what can I say ive found a right little Gem here I must say, I always wondered why it never seem to be that buzy as ive walked past and had a quick peek in the window but I was unaware of the Upstairs bar. Any bar in the town that has the pint price 2.50 or under is always worth a drop by but ha'way 1.50 no1's gonna argue with that haha. Musics class although the DJ's mixing at times is questionsable (soz bud, no hard feelings) but all in all always a goodnight and will deffo be back next time am in town, ahh and just a mention some fine looking ladies that grace the place everyweek too haha!

amanda   18th May 08
I have been in here a few times and i just want to say that it is a good place to hang out the staff are nice to customers and have a laugh and the manager is soo cute lol

RE; Adam   15th May 08
I don't think i know any bar in the town that has all of its drinks at a set price, so its no different to anywhere else really? They could do the same thing as BoAb of course and have the drinks always at the same price no matter what day or time. But then again, that's probably why BoAb is so expensive!

DJ   15th May 08
Just wanted to say thank you to the growing number of customers who've been coming in. Over recent weeks, certain nights have become busier and busier. We still get the regular faces, as well as some new ones who i hope will become regulars. Don't forget to pop up and say hello when your in, and if theres anything you'd like to hear, don't hesitate to ask! Hope to see you all this saturday!

Adam   14th May 08
Of course that's fair enough. But it's still nice to know how much you are paying? You feel silly asking how much is this, or much is that? Surely you can understand where we are coming from.

RE: Adam   13th May 08
Surely you don't think a bar can afford to always sell all of it's drinks for 1.50? That was obviously just an opening offer, they have loads of different prices now, but its still one of the cheapest bars in town.

joe public   13th May 08
in here sunday 11th mint mint nite great bit old school and tec house bein played nice one...hope to be back soon.

Adam   13th May 08
I think they need to keep the prices at 1:50 at all times to keep the customers in, when they change the prices. Customers never know..

louisex   12th May 08
this is the bar for the summer. Imagine sitting on the balcony with a very cheap drink in your hand listening to some top class music pure belter!

DAVIE J   11th May 08
LOVE FUNKY... new sunday nite... the rule book has been thrown away, commercial and r and b locked up.... sundays in kulas bar will be hostin a nite of electro, tec house, prog house, funky, gaydar, high energy and quality classic retro. so come down and join us...lets have it peace

DJ   3rd May 08
Be sure to get yourselves down on bank holiday sunday guys! BBQ all day, as well as the usual cheap drinks, plus myself accompanied by a special guest DJ, playing all the tunes you like to hear. Be sure to pop up and say hello and let us know if theres any record you'd like to be played. See you all sunday :-)

Staff   2nd May 08
to "RE good night". The upstairs is far busier than downstairs, so maybe thats why it may look quiet when you walk past. Try actually going in and upstairs before you comment on how busy it is. Walking past doesn't really show you that. If it has been quiet when you've went in then im sure you're aware that different bars are busy at different times. Try a saturday night and i'm sure it'll be busier. As far as the Dj is concerned, there are different Dj's who play on different nights. If you are refering to the resident, then he does have experience and has worked at many bars around the town. He always tries to play peoples requests, but unfortunately can't be to everyones taste. Maybe next time you should state that you don't personally like the music which would be a fair comment, rather than making an untrue statement without knowing the facts. Maybe make a suggestion for what type of music should be played? Any suggestions will always be taken into consideration.

cool kulas   29th April 08
kulas is awesome good atmosphere, cheap drink, gorgeous staff, great music and a BBQ too so there's no reason not to go in guys lol XXX

annon   24th April 08
my god flyer girls are really hot especially darker 1, c you wednesday girls

Anth   24th April 08
I really enjoyed my night the last time i was in Kulas the drinks were cheap the staff were nice and the music was awesome every song i liked was played. I was in on sunday afternoon the BBQ was a stroke of genius watched the match with a burger and a beer its just what you want when you watch the match.

Danni D   14th April 08
"you can stay there with a loved one and watch the stars and listen to the nightlife in sunderland" wow you really know how to show a girl a good time, the sound of police sirens, people f'ing and blinging, being sick down the backlanes. I'll have to get out on a date with u....... NOT.

bob the baldy johnston   14th April 08
kula's is bloody marvellous, cheap drinks, nice woman who get in there, the music is alright. The place is mint, the upstairs bar is good with a seating atmosphere where you can sit and chat. And the outside balcony is good if you want to sit and smoke or you can stay there with a loved one and watch the stars and listen to the nightlife in sunderland, when it gets really busy on saturday nights is really busy.

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