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Lambton Worm

Low Road.

Photo of Lambton WormA modern Wetherspoon's pub, opened in April 2003 as part of a city-centre Travelodge. Basically just a big square room but broken up with a central worm sculpture and a raised non-smoking area in one corner. Large toilets in the basement. In-line with Wetherspoons' policy this venue is strictly music-free. Always cheap drink prices and a good range of cocktails and pitchers.
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Davey Double M.   23rd January 09
Can't wait for next week when the Maxim brewery festival is in full swing @ the Worm. Maximus and Double Maxim should be quality it will be interesting to see what the re-launced Wards is like. Bring it on !

Eoin Riley   1st January 09
Some craicing cask beers available @ the impressive Worm. Local Sunderland ales such as Maximus Double Maxim and Sauce of the Niall are spot on.

Michael   19th November 08
Its a good place to go for a quiet social drink and a bite to eat with m8's

DJ Craig (Kulas)   23rd October 08
Well i think its a nice bar to sit nd have a pint and food with mates..... if you dont like the place then just dont come...if you prefer scum bars then go to Jaydees

omg   8th October 08
i have to say i was less than happy when my m8s draged me in here bad service dirty glasses and the toilets stink, the food is cheap but rubbish and a bar with no music?

Frank   19th August 08
Food is good and beer is cheap. Although i have to agree with all the comments about the staff and management are really rude and unhappy. Hopefully someone will read this and take note otherwise they will loose a hell of a lot of customers

Jennifer   18th August 08
Omg make your barstaff smile, made me feel proper uncomfortable bein in there, tried to make a joke with them and just didnt even get a smile but food nice and alcohol cheap, top bar but bar staff rly need to start smilin

billy bunter   8th August 08
mierable bar staff, smelly unclean toilets and dirty glasses is what I found on my recent visit. I'd say 3/10 but as you see I do have reason. Maybe if barmaids get the minx ladies to teach them new tricks am sure punters would flow in.

Davey   5th June 08
In last night Samson and Double Maxim on draught it doesnt get much better.

stacey   22nd April 08
i would just like to say that it is the busiest pubs that get slated on this website the bar staff try there hardest and if you dont like it why do you keep coming in doooooo one!

Dave   4th February 08
this pub isn't very good, never heard of service with smile all the staff looked like they were in a concentration camp! whats going on, who ever runs this pub ain't got a clue!

mick   14th December 07
food on matchdays is still top notch and fast, even though it is their most busiest time, as the lambton is the place to be before and after the match!

tina   8th November 07
to the brave, think you wil find that the guys were being idiots, spat on the doorman, went for them, then turned on each other? seemed like the blokes were asking for a fight to be honest, and one of the doorman in question is actually probably one of the most proffesional doorman you will meet in s.land. the lad in question is prob lucky they started on the doorman at the worm and not somewhere else, a drunk and dizzy fine-mate they were lucky.

  8th November 07
Hi this place is good.

ben   8th October 07
food in here is topper and service is pritty fast, hi to the girl behind the bar with the dark hair, she is fit.. ;)

sio   7th October 07
the manager is hopeless and staff are far too slow sort them out, i asked for a glass of wine and they took abt 10mins finding the bottle, yet she didnt inform me she cudnt find the bottle so made it luk like she had just forgot about my order.

wolfster   14th September 07
this is to "the brave" i kno what night youre on about and that did not happen. there was for blokes onto 3 doormen and only 1 doormen hit any of them. i think they handled it very well