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Lambton Worm

Low Road.

Photo of Lambton WormA modern Wetherspoon's pub, opened in April 2003 as part of a city-centre Travelodge. Basically just a big square room but broken up with a central worm sculpture and a raised non-smoking area in one corner. Large toilets in the basement. In-line with Wetherspoons' policy this venue is strictly music-free. Always cheap drink prices and a good range of cocktails and pitchers.
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?a?n?   21st August 07
to BIG VERN GARY HOWE - are you the gary howe i think you are?

MK   14th August 07
We were over in April from Ireland, couldnt believe how slow the bar staff were in here, I spent a lot of time waiting at the bar (maybe they couldnt understand my accent). Must say all the punters drinking here had great welcome for us and were very friendly so thanks.

the brave   23rd July 07
bouncers think they are tickets, 3 of them onto one guy punching him on the back of the head so there wasnt any marks on him and called the cops for him, those boys are brave, what goes around comes around!

claire   17th July 07
staff too slow, cant take orders properly, never serve the person who has been waiting longest and the bar managers a grumpy cow.

cyrus   1st June 07
That's a eke of a pub for Sunderland - bet the beauty girls will come in droves for a goodie beer and a ...cuddle!

.........   22nd May 07
Where do i start? cold food that takes half an hour to arrive, staff who dont speak english? the woman i think is bar manager- the most ignorant woman ever no music- its crap greens is 100% better

Pubber   17th May 07
Gotta admit i do like this bar for a drink and it does have a good atmosphere at times but the bar staff are terrable and the food and table service even worse. The management need to sort this out and it will be a great bar.

jen   10th May 07
Music would make this place better, but the drink is cheap! people dont know what it is to talk, they all seem to shout. I only go in coz of Lee and Steve the doormen !

The Crew   12th April 07
Not a regular haunt of ours - takes a while to get served. Did go to watch the match the other week though and the atmosphere was great! We moved on afterwards though and didn't look back.

Bri   4th April 07
The bar staff are the worst in town, i've been going around Sunderland over 15 yrs so i am a good judge i think

hutch   4th April 07
i was there on a sat nite,the bouncers were total a....holes, i watched 3 of them go over the top with some boy, WONT BE BACK

barmaid else where   1st April 07
hey billy i have to agree on that one but there is one or 2 staff that is canny, i used to go there all the time for food but now it takes ages to come and cold and the price has gone up on drinks and food! i have moved on and now eat in greens, even though its all frozing food at least it is hot! and the plates are clean off the last person.

ryan buckley   20th March 07
1 day through the week i came ere for beefburger and chips was well tasty only spent 3.95 was well full after, Love it in here had me bday party ere, i like the bounces aswel always happy and cheerful.

trish   13th March 07
food is really terrible, could do with a massive overhaul. wait forever to order, then wait forever only for it to arrive cold, scabby chips, tasteless, just not nice at all. Shame really as the place is clean & reasonable with good priced beer. more staff and improve the food - come on Worm, pull your socks up

ryan   28th February 07
The bouncers are excellend quality. i had no hassle there, and i felt safe at all times, keep the good work up =]

BIG VERN GARY HOWE   26th February 07
Beers great and very cheap. Go here to get drunk after our tour of the town. 89 Possie still full on strong.

billy   22nd February 07
Bar staff are a complete waste of time, too many wannabe managers too busy walking around with bunches of keys and radios on them on a complete power trip. Order to pints on sat, waited 15mins then when they came the glass was chipped, do you think I got it changed? yeah right only if I wanted to wait another 20 mins. Not going Back