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Lambton Worm

Low Road.

Photo of Lambton WormA modern Wetherspoon's pub, opened in April 2003 as part of a city-centre Travelodge. Basically just a big square room but broken up with a central worm sculpture and a raised non-smoking area in one corner. Large toilets in the basement. In-line with Wetherspoons' policy this venue is strictly music-free. Always cheap drink prices and a good range of cocktails and pitchers.
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Jess   11th October 06
Think the place is good to have a quite one!! and the pear cider is lush!!! pretty cheap to!!

Amy&Co   11th October 06
Always start the night off in here, Love it, Could do with some music but the drinks are mega cheap so that makes up for it.

jemma   4th October 06
man i wish they would play some music.

jon d   21st September 06
if you like waiting a fortnite for a drink at the bar then go here!

Jordan   15th September 06
Love this place, foods great, cheap priced drinks! Kopperberg, swedish pear cider in appple or pear is amazing, cant get enough of the stuff! great place to chill out with friends and have a chat and a laugh!

Philly   31st August 06
Quality, good to relax in middle of night out, time to cool n have a good old pint bit slow tho.

someone   31st August 06
Baba do u always copy other ppl on wha they say SAD

babs   11th August 06
if the staff went any slower they would stop... i liked this pub but the staff need changing

jabber jar   5th August 06
staff really slow and the little sniffer (rat boy) who works there is nothing going on less people going in

steve   5th August 06
staff very slow and not very nice mostly due to the bar man with sort man sindrom

Gary   22nd July 06
I meant Willam Jamesons.

jemima puddleduck   21st July 06
Staff dont smile and are in slow mode all night and dont know what they are doing or why they are there.

Gary   20th July 06
Prefer the weatherspoons myself but its personal opinion. i do however think the food has gone right down hill in the last year or so. it just all tastes microwave if u know what i mean. As for music they dont have any entertainment license thus its reflected in drink prices. also how they get the beer so cheap i that head office order all there beer at once, therefore gettin a bulk discount and the brewery distrubutes it between the pub for them.

babs   17th July 06
Ollie..... yes your right it is a good place to start your night i love it...

ollie   30th June 06
Good cheap place to start a night out.

Me   9th June 06
weatherspoons is a good social place, don't need music blasting all over the place.

anom   8th June 06
My god the doorman are lush! Itís defiantly the cheapest, but it should have music.