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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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Alex   17th June 12
Club is nice and clean, but the staff (or most of them) let the place down

FAO Rebecca   26th August 11
You could try Bonded Warehouse...

rebecca   14th August 11
Do they do 14th birthday parties? Or does anyone know anywhere that does? I'm desperate:(

rebekah   24th July 11
they took pictures of lush on friday but there is no pics where do i look for them some advice please outherwise it was mint ;)

Liquid   28th April 11
Loads of new things happenning at Liquid & Diva
Check out whats going on... www.facebook.com/sunderland
Get all the updates on weekly events and some BIG bank holidays

Liquid Manager - FAO Kevin   28th April 11
FAO Kevin.. Sorry about the draught, we had it taken out siome time ago as all people seem to drink is bottles and cocktails... Rude bar staff... I will have words with them all! Glad you liked the club though

kevin   15th April 11
this place has NO DRAUGHT! at all! and the bar staff are rude! club is lovely inside though

Manager Rob   24th March 11
Hi Guys, check out our website at www.liquidclubs.com/sunderland for loads of up-to-date info about events coming in the future. PLUS check out our Facebook group Liquid-Diva Sunderland for our NEW Saturday Night, launching soon!

Louise Wisbeck   15th December 10
hiyaa wens the next SHOUT! teens club on x

eddie grease   11th November 10
Loved this place it was banging every time I was there. I remember when browny lost his glasses at the foam party and he found them before my mam picked me up yessssss 1 to 3 party hard like a barbie doll love yas guys

josh headly   11th November 10
you wana put a bangin donk on it

Worker   13th August 10
Hi guys, I work at Liquid, and can confirm that as always, we will be open on Bank Holiday Sunday :-)

Ashleigh   10th August 10
I heard that rumour to, can't see it being true though this place is always banging on bank holidays from the moment the doors open, yeah I agree doorstaff can come across a bit unfair and it's always when there's girls around them they try to act tougher but they just driving custom elsewhere which is a shame as this is quality club.

Adam   10th August 10
Yeah the door staff aint fair, me and my friends went outside for some air and they wouldnt let us back in? after me paid to get in which is not fair at all

Jamie H   8th August 10
Nice club, good music Dj always willing to take requests, staff could be little better but not to bad, but the doorstaff spoil this place. Sort these out and the club would have everything.

Concerned customer   6th August 10
Hey, management quick question but are yous open on bank holiday? We heard a rumour that it could possibly be shutting for some reason? Please respond as we normally come to liquid and be ashame if the rumour is true:-(

The Big M   18th June 10
as a liquid legend this is the place to be, ya'll catch me in "hetton corner" ha!

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