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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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john   15th September 09
Bar staff are sooo soo slow hurry up and serve people what have being waiting a while and not just the walking up people

FAO Bobby   4th September 09
Its 18 for Both Liquid & Diva, used to be 25 for Diva but it was changed to years ago

babs   31st August 09
We really enjoyed our night out on sat, ended up in liquid... shame one of your bouncers had to spoil the night with his foul mouth. im sure if i spoke to him in the same way i would of been frog marched out of ther... oh well hes the 40year old who gets his kicks from havin little power, he should be a swimming pool attendent... more power involved.

mary taylor   29th August 09
is the g8 nt to sure about a thurs nyt in there tho disappointed the last few weeks :(

Bally   26th August 09
DJs are amazing especially on a weekend but it always takes ages to get served - i've stood at the back bar for at least 15 minutes on a few occasions waiting to get served and been ignored off the lasses while they served people who just walked up. Thats the only let down, more bar staff and the place would be great!

olivia   7th August 09
whens the next lush on?

Kriz   7th August 09
25 Diva and 18 Liquid

Bobby   27th July 09
18 Both Liquid & Diva

bobby   26th July 09
how old do you have to be to get in

liam   25th July 09
there is nothing wrong with looking like chav does not mean we are but am telling you liquid is full of them and there is nothing wrong with that

FAO Liam   24th July 09
No where near as bad as other venues in town and if you know you looked like a chav and can spot other chav lookalikes why do you bother going out the door mate? Its a mint place and doing better than most in town I choose liquid over anywhere.

liam   21st July 09
mint me and the boys got in liquid now we didnt befor cause they said we look like chavs wen we went in it was full of chavs ha so thats y we got in

jonny   20th May 09
absaloutly loves tha town, there week in week out, dont like mondays tho, fulla kidz! have to say tha best dj's have gotta be dave kelly on a friday and ken newby on a saturday in liquid, they kna tha tunes :):)

sammie   18th April 09
a just love liquid its great

cameron bell   30th March 09
i cant see why the door staff have to be so violent at other places people get escourted out but they firstly result to violence not good at all. And there is never enough bar staff.

DJ Craig   8th March 09
DJ Paul, to be fair you seem to be doing a good job, keep it up because it is working, people who come on here to have a go arnt really worth bothering with. at the end of the day if they dont like it there not forced to come in. keep up youre music selection mate as it is a hit with the students.

DJ Paul   26th February 09
As Ive said, cant please everyone! If you dont like it, dont come, but I can guarantee you that we regularly top 1000 people in on Mondays. If you are taking your info from other people, then come along and judge for yourself

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