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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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The Hip Kid   26th February 09
'DJ' Paul, Kymm's right, the music you play is rather rubbish. You've never played anything other than cheesy pap when I've heard you and I know for a fact from people who actually work there that there's nowhere near 1,000 people there.

DJ Paul   23rd February 09
Kymm - Haha, I love people like you, narrow minded! As I said last time, Mondays is rammed week in week out, so the other 1000 people who come along must think Im doing something right, maybes its just you thats clueless? In all seriousness, if you dont like what I do, theres plenty other venues to go to.......

kymm   22nd February 09
plz stop deleting my comments the world has a rite to know that paul is rubbish

annemarie baker   21st February 09
i would like to say youre night club is the best ever but ive been waiting for a new membership card as ive moved address and been married since lol

DJ Paul   21st February 09
Lou - Theres a hit dog stand open at weekends downstairs..... Monday I will bring some crisps in for you lol

Lou Clarkyson   20th February 09
liquid rules but you need more food in here im always hungry

Liquid goer.   17th February 09
Kymm, Paul has plenty of fans, me and my mate go regularly on a Monday because DJ Paul plays there - if he moved, we'd probably follow and haunt that place. He plays good music; it may not be to everyones taste but he goes with the flow and plays requests when he can! There's more to being a DJ than playing requests. He's got to keep the night going. He's a brilliant DJ (The best in Sunderland actually!) so just keep your comments to yourself.

DJ Paul   17th February 09
Kymm - Thanks! If you dont like it, dont come, one less customer isnt gonna bother me :-) For the few months we have been going on a Monday, we have built it in to one of the biggest nights in Sunderland, so we must be doing something right. Remember it is a student night, and that means the music is VERY different to any other night.

Kymm   16th February 09
hiya hate the DJ on a monday hes always ther wiv his crappy tunez cmon liquid fire him hes propa waste leek even id do a betta job than him

M   8th February 09
Love Liquid! All the Vics staff come every monday after work! Would'nt trait it by going to bamboo or passion! Liquid comes on top over both! x

Common Sence   24th January 09
Common sence isnt a form of ID mate sorry, its challange 21 anyway so if he looked around that age and could not prove how old he was then what do you expect them to do? Say Oh its ok just go in the rules dont matter. This club is ran with rules that are followed for a reason. Im 25 and get ID'd at Asda 9-10 so its just what happens in any licensed place. Next time you will know better. eh

Westy   23rd January 09
Yes, but when when there are 6 of us who range from 26 to 48, and one lad who was 22. 22! Who does not look young btw. Its common sence man! jeeeese.

Re Westy   22nd January 09
It matters a lot if just one of you did not have any ID, Who's to say that the person with no ID is old enough to get in? at the end of the day its the doormens job to do it and people should respect that. Just becasue your accents are the same it does not mean that you are all the same age.

DJ Paul   20th January 09
Rob C - That dj bloke on a Monday has always been me! As I say often enough, any music you want, ask for it! But please be aware theres about 1000 others in there as well as yourself who put requests in! I dont play what I personally like, I play what is asked for, and its working, getting busier every Monday! Pop over next Monday, let me know what stuff you prefer and ill get it on for you

Rob C   19th January 09
That DJ bloke on a Monday always seems to ruin my night with his cheesey tunes. Mondays used to be mint - come on, what's going on!??!

Janine   19th January 09
Where did that cute promoter guy go from a monday night? Think his name was charlie! He was always there with his friendly face. Bring him back

Westy   16th January 09
Monday, Been around town since 8. Went on a half decent pub crawl. About half 10 thought, ah this looks alright. Bouncer was looking before I even got to the front of the pack. (Lads from work, 7 of us) Any I.D.? All of us had I.D, apart from one mate. We were all kitted out, nice gear, came from Hpool, looked forward to the night for ages, the lads on the door made my mate feel like he had wrecked the night over, (Although there was a few kids about) there is no need! If we all have similar accent's and one of us don't have I.D.? What the heck... Poor. Very Poor.

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