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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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Becca   16th January 09
Haha not checked this in ages... yeah i checked the video's, paul, im in half of them and so's my mate! haha its SO funny.

DJ Paul   7th January 09
Natalie! haha, I tell ya you should be a professional dancer!

Natalie   6th January 09
Hiii ;) its me the dancer lol remember me from last night Dj Paul! x

Davey Peterlee   27th December 08
went last night it was mint , keep it up !

DJ Paul   26th December 08
Grant, cheers mate, i do Mondays there and they are cracking like if I do say so myself lol. Hopefully you be there again for more mayhem this Monday!

grant   23rd December 08
i was in der last night, it was just immense, 80p a bottle, cnt go wrong der, the tunes, omg! the dj was just outstandin, tbh, i prefer this place over passion

bethany donkin   19th December 08
lush is the best place to go its fun and you get to go with your friends x you should try to go

massive lol   12th December 08
the water bags on the doors are full, a water place iz topper but the massive lads on the door need ta gan boil tha heads lol think tha gods gift to lasses but the tide wouldnt take them out haha

ashlee b   26th November 08
it had to be 1 of the best nights in liquid on monday the foam party was amazing, it was brilliant. liquid is the best keep it up liquid!

Paul DJ   26th November 08
Becca - Too right was it! You seen the videos on facebook and youtube of it? Messy to say the least! Plenty more big events coming.... its what Mondays are for lol

Becca   25th November 08
Foam party was the BEST NIGHT EVER! Keep it up Liquid!

Works in town   22nd November 08
I think the DJ's on a fri and sat are amazing! also the staff are really friendly to us staff who work in town. Liquid is defo one of the best night clubs in town. Shame the about the bouncers!

john p whetherald WASHER.   18th November 08
This clubs spot on keep on rocking.

ashlee   17th November 08
i love liquid its 1 of the best pubs in sunderland

DJ Paul   24th October 08
DJ Craig - Thanks for your comments. Two weeks ago on a Monday I had my laptop with me (not sure if it was me you seen with it), but I can assure you it is not used for djing at all, I have never dj'd from a pc and never will, I dont believe in it, I only had it with me as I had to do some work on it early on before people started arriving.

foxy   23rd October 08
love it love it love it! best place in town!

lil miss   23rd October 08
i love liquid! in there every thurs! cheap entry.. cheap drinks.. great atmosphere! the dj on a thurs is awsome! only place other than the ranch i can get to play fragma's fine!

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