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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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DJ Craig   23rd October 08
I think liquid is a cool place to go to but i was very shocked to see when i went up to the DJ stand and the guy was useing a Virtual DJ... i mean OMG! youre working in liquid and you have a good croud and you arnt putting your heart into your job, you just get a computer to mix for you... to the managers of liquid i would not reconsider your DJ as his music selection is really good. but i will say this to the DJ, "Mate come on man there are DJ's out there who would love to do liquid and your wasting it away by not putting your full into it"

tom   14th October 08
yeah i kind of agree with lovedough not working but mishmash is a defo to take off in sunderland its house music!.... i think any kind of house, dance, trance, drum and bass and electro would go down well tho

DJ Paul   14th October 08
Man, how good are the Mondays getting?? Skool Disco last night was awesome! Dont forget Luke from Big Brother live at Liquid next Monday night

Mel   13th October 08
Liquid have done both Lovedough and Hucci and they both failed becasue these events did not go down well with the people of Sunderland, I also understand that other clubs near by have also had Lovedough on and it also failed at that venue so I dont think any of these brands will ever be put back in this area. There is not a big following for this kind of night in Sunderland.

mel   8th October 08
liquid is alright nice place but should be following the likes of the bars and clubs in newcastle with more specialised nights and gigs eg lovedough , hucci, mish mash etc

dj karn evil   8th October 08
not lovin liquid at the mo prefer newcastles digital for drum and bass !

Re Thank God   4th October 08
I think that comment about Lush relates to the kids night, not the adult one.

Thank God!   2nd October 08
Reading these "burrrrr lush is puaaa wikid likeeee" comments makes me really glad theres a strict age limit on places down the town haha :D

ashlee -b-   2nd October 08
eee cant wait till me birthday on boxing day its gunna b class me and the lasses out in liquid all dressed up from top to bottom lol it'l b mint xoxox

ashlee -b-   2nd October 08
its class in liquid on a thursday friday nd saturday. jst cant get enuf of the place lol. ivan is mint a love im so is lurch and ya can have a mad crack on with them all they get along mint with is. micheal is class aswel.

BeccaPee HayleyEmm Rhm   29th September 08
Lush Is Wicked Like Pua Class Like Love It x Mwah

rossy and conlon   17th September 08
we think liquid is one of the best clubs going. we just hope it stays that way keep the tunes banging com on jackys

Robbie mills MILLSY   13th September 08
This clubs now a police state, i think the idea of a metal dectectors on the door is a good ideea we all dont want knifes in clubs

Re Graham   11th September 08
If you have a complaint about the way in which we run this venue please feel free to speak to a member of management at the unit. The discounted nights are ran with a diffrent policy to all other nights, The staff have had specialist training and there are extra measures in place during these nights including extra door staff to ensure customer safety. If you look at the other venues in the city you will see that we are not the only venue doing this but will clearly be the only venue to have extra measures in place to stop customers taking advantage of the discounted drinks. The incidents/crime rate for this venue continues to fall and I clearly think that a venue running an operation such as this is safer than operating until 5.30 -6 in the moring and serving alcohol until that time. 0191 5670760

graham   10th September 08
wot iz thgis comany playing at or more so what iz sunderland counsil thinking of they always preaching in papers about binge drinking yet nightclubs like yourselfs are allowed to more or less give your drinks away i am a father of teenagers that frequent this nightspot well who did as from now i will not allow my kids to come in you are sending out all the wrong signals to our youngsters in the city

passion staff   28th August 08
ya know phil passion has its own page you can leave comments on. also give passion a chance it was opening weekend and of course there is gonna be problems but if you dont write them on passions page then the management cant sort them out.

DJ Paul   28th August 08
This Monday sees the lanuch of our newest night at Liquid Diva Sunderland..... GET LOST! Drinks all night at 80p and DJ Paul Ainscow banging out those student anthems with a few surprises along the way ;-) Have a look at our facebook event http://www.new.facebook.com/event.php?eid=25139827797

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