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Green Terrace

Photo of LiquidOpened September 2003. Part of the nationwide chain of Liquid Nightclubs, the venue is clean, smart, modern and well-run. A central dancefloor is surrounded by illuminated pillars and full-length mirrors. Not especially spacious though so be prepared for a squash at the weekend. Visit the Liquid website.
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laura   30th January 08
a was loving liquid on sat me and kirsty got f*ked up . we wouldnt miss a week for the world!<<<<<<< i even got a kiss lol >>>>>>

Becca   27th January 08
Thursdays in diva are mint......more wombats pleeeeeaase! DJ ( i know you play them anyway but i love em!)

lavvy   7th January 08
mint ! the dj in there - ken i think is his name is better than anyone else ive ever heard..plays all kinds o stuff and no chavy crap ! mint music, mint atmosphere..

jezzy   19th December 07
i lurve fridays at liquid ..... tremendus! friday used to be old people nite but now its just like a saturday! drinks are ded cheap like 1.50 a bottle, 2quid to get in... ya cant complain wif that like.... loadsa fit lads as well ;D x x x x

Anth & Steve   12th December 07
Any1 know who the two asian STUNNERS are? they're sisters, seen them in newcastle liquid sat night, so wondering if they come in the sunderland 1 coz they live in sunderland! If you read this babes, please can us have ya numbers coz u'z are GORGEOUS and mint dancers! Best i've seen around! Please write back on this page coz ya nar who yaz are babes! x x

mwah   11th December 07
got kicked out a couple of weeks ago for being too drunk apparently but a so wasnt ! x

Liquid & Diva Management   11th December 07
This years biggest parties are at Liquid & Diva

Kick starting the run up to 2008 with Panic & Toast Xmas Special - Thursday 20th Dec - Drinks from 1

Mad Friday SKINT Xmas special - Friday 21st - Get out early - Diva opens at 7p.m

Saturday 22nd - The Big Saturday night out

Sunday 23rd - Xmas Eve Eve - Huge drinks offers

Xmas Eve - Tickets on sale now @ www.liquidclubs.com

Boxing Day - Firebreathers / stiltwalkers / snakes!

Thursday 27th - Foot-king - The biggest dance and RnB anthems in Liquid and Indie pop and rock in Diva - a Foot-king great night out

Friday 28th - SKINT Xmas Special......Take 2!

Saturday 29th - 2-4-1 drinks and floorfiller anthems in Liquid, chart party and pop in Diva

Sunday 30th - The warm up to 2008

New Years Eve - The biggest party of the year. Tickets on sale now at www.liquidclubs.com

Call 0191 567070 for more details

Me....x   9th December 07
Heyya Does Any1 No Wen The Under 18s Is Nd How Much It Is?

ang   5th December 07
is there a hed kandi night on here on boxing night

Stevi   5th December 07
Hi you taking any shot gurls or anything on at the mo x

NICOLA   2nd December 07
Hi i signed up for membership a few weeks ago but i never got a card, i get texts every week how do i get my card?????

Helen   25th November 07
Liquid Fridays are just getting even better! Good on you all for the hard work and Spencer stop looking so stressed - it's fab! Well Done Staff and see ya next week

Liquid & Diva Management   14th November 07
I would strongly recommend that if you have a serious complaint to make that you ring and talk to the management as slating the club on a public forum is highly inappropriate, especially when you clearly can only tell one side of the story. If you would like to call us the number is 0191 5670760

Brill in Liquid.   6th November 07
Ohh was in on sat and dident see any trouble, i missed it, damm, lol, jk.. Agree tho if there is a fight just get everyone who is involved out, stopes it flaring up again. Brill in Liquid tho, hardly any trouble and if there is i think the doorman do a good job, never seen them all beat anyone up, and i hope thay wouldent in a reputable club like this. Anything happenin this weekend, good prices for a Monday below like, might have to pay a visit :)

To - Debbie   6th November 07
I was standing there when it happened, Innocent lad I think not! The only reason 6 door staff were there is because the lad was going nuts and it was actually because his girlfriend was punching the hell out of another girl and it took 6 of them to remove him from the club plus to to remove his girlfriend. What are they supposed to do just leave them all there kicking the crap out of 1 girl? Or should they politely ask him to stop and offer him a drink!

Value for Monday   5th November 07
New Monday nights starting Monday 12th November
Free Entry Before Midnight 1 after
1 Vk's all night and 1.50 Vodka Red Bull all night
New Music - New Night - New Start!
Free VIP Booth's for Uni society groups
Call to get your party in first on 0191 - 5670760

cum on !!!!!!!   5th November 07
brian was topper on sat, really good night, well done liquid.. come on the weekend again

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