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15-17 Derwent Street, SR1 3NU. Tel: 0191 514 5111

Photo of LumaShould you prefer a smaller, quaint place that has a great atmosphere, then consider this your new home. Located on the 'strip', this is one of the trendier places to be seen. Nice crowd, unusual mixture of locals and high end visitors. This is your jeans and t-shirt crowd.

Walking into the bar your first challenge are a few steps up into the main bar with the DJ on your right and the bar on the left, in a sort of narrow canal type bar the atmosphere on a weekend is quite immense with live DJ and student friendly drinks prices.

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Richard   22nd July 09
Nice bar, but why does it not sell peroni Draught?

Geoff   13th July 09
Best eatery in Sunderland city centre and a cracking pint of Guinness.

DJ Craig   10th July 09
To the person who seems to have a problem with me working here,.... if you were to know your true facts to which you clearly dont, me and danielle had a talk and she agreeed for me to take on the place as she is my friend i went and saw here about working here. i agree that danielle is a great DJ and i hope to do well in her place, but i NEVER! went behind her back ... next time you decide to message on here please state a name because i have no idea what kind of link or what kind of business it is off yours

Davey Foz   6th July 09
Quality place the food is toppa.

RE dj craig   20th June 09
dannelle was 100 times better than you are! she did you a favor by letter you cover her and you wormed your way into taking her nights off her, your a good dj and have done well .... but have gone behind the persons back who gave you the oppertunity in the first place

John   23rd May 09
Luma is a great bar, love it. the bar staff are great and the DJ is great! ROCK ON MONDAYS!

DJ Craig   22nd May 09
Thanks for the support :)

Dave   12th May 09
Yea i agree, i think he does the mondays to as well as the sunday. i was talking to him not long ago and he told me he was only 20...... he's unbelievable for his age. I love luma though, really cheap drinks and environment is nice. keep up the good work luma

Vicky   5th May 09
That DJ on a thursday is amazing! x

Bank Holiday   14th April 09
Fantastic! The band 'The Monologues' were awesome! That kid on the drums needs signing. He's breathtaking. Well done Luma - we spent a fortune in here cos we stayed for ages. Hope you do us proud next BH.

Lousie   3rd April 09
really really good night last saturday will defo go back.... also went on sunday for sunday lunch it was gorgeous wud defo recomend it ;-)

DJ craig   4th March 09
Dont get me wrong I LOVE house music and electro, on a sunday i do play house and electro music, but at the same time i have to play other genres of music to keep other punters happy as not every one likes house and electro,

The difference between the music in luma and kulas is different to as luma is more of a laid back bar where i try not to play heavy music unless requested on occasion, where as kulas is more like a mini night club.

But if you are into house and electro sunday is the night to come down, as for thursday that is a mash up of tune's, but i apprecaite the critisim and i will take note to what you have said and do my best to please the crowd :)

sarah   3rd March 09
mint night in here on sat it was bouncing, music good and specials on the drinks will defo be back next week...also tried food in here its gorgeous would defo recomend it.

meeee   27th February 09
coming to a party thats booked upstairs in luma tonight! Hope its a good n..... cant wait now! ;-)

mark   20th February 09
whats going on with thursday and sunday, yeh yeh dj is good but heard he was doing something different and yet he plays in kulas on other nights and the when in here the music sounds the same, love this bar music was always forward thinking but its lackin it at the momment, come on mr thursday an sunday dj, wheres the new breed of funky house,chunky electro,this bar got great potential and you have the power to do it through your music not through the music your all ready repeating.!

Frasier   19th February 09
Fantastic bar on a Tuesday in particular. Cheap prices and hilarious entertainment and getting busier week by week. Restaurant well worth trying as well.

Mike   19th February 09
Tuesdays just get better every week. Even the odd stray str8's seem to enjoy it :-)

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