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15-17 Derwent Street, SR1 3NU. Tel: 0191 514 5111

Photo of LumaShould you prefer a smaller, quaint place that has a great atmosphere, then consider this your new home. Located on the 'strip', this is one of the trendier places to be seen. Nice crowd, unusual mixture of locals and high end visitors. This is your jeans and t-shirt crowd.

Walking into the bar your first challenge are a few steps up into the main bar with the DJ on your right and the bar on the left, in a sort of narrow canal type bar the atmosphere on a weekend is quite immense with live DJ and student friendly drinks prices.

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Leigh x Kat x Saz x   14th February 09
Whats happened to this place? We remember a few years ago its where we used to go before Liquid/Diva or Bamboo now its somewhere we walk past. Its was great when that lads with the tattoos and long dark hair (hot hot hot) was behind the bar and the small girl with the blonde hair aswell, sadly that chap has gone actually saw him in SR1 before that closed, so has the girl and numerous other staff aswell as the DJ, bring those people back and get rid of the rock bands because its not what we want or what we used to come in for, bring back the staff especially tattoo dude and bring back the old atmosphere, please take this into consideration Leigh Kat and Saz x

DJ Craig   25th January 09
Thanks for the support guys, i hope you enjoy what i do and come back again. remember "SUNDAY is House night" and Thursday is a mash up of every thing to cater for more than just 1 set of people....hope to see you all soon :)

thanks   24th January 09
thurs last week,went in to support a friend dj,very good nite and a top selection music all round for a thursday nite. catered for all tastes. shame not busy,but that will take a little time,plus we wrong to critisise any the bars at the mo,as not there faults with the economic state of affairs we havin to deal with.Any with this in hand all round lovely bar good prices and nice tunes for a thursday...jaydavies

David/Emily   20th January 09
Personally we think that the new DJ is really good. it makes a change really. the music is really good, the volume isnt that loud compared to other bars you can go to., at the end of the day we will be back as we generally enjoyed the night...hope he keeps up the good work and changes the bar to a more competitive bar with others, i.e chase and arizona..."to be honerst david is a manager tho newcastle and even he says that this bar has a lot of potential and that DJ is just what it needs" see you all soon

paul   18th January 09
the dj 2nite wos a shambles! no offence but he chose the wrong type of music for this particular venue in mind and for relaxing bar such as this the volume was louder than it should of been i hope he learns for next time otherwise it could damage the bars clientele.

robby mcsnobby   25th November 08
this is all very studenty is it not? drinks are more expensive than boab? deary me...

DJ Craig (Kulas)   23rd October 08
Am gonna marry danielle to DJ if were both still single by the age of 89

Becca   19th August 08
Six Corky shots for a fiver... mint! Some of the Bar staff could do with an attitude change but LOVED the DJ from tuesday. He/she was mint! Played the song I requested straight off. Will definately be back.

Carl   19th August 08
Corkys shot 6 for a fiver! Get in

Pearhead   16th August 08
What is this place trying to be exactly? Gay on tuesday. Club acts on a thursday. Perahead every day. Tapas bar. Trad sunday lunch. It's like a really bad Craig David song... As if there were any good ones.

Joe   12th August 08
Went to the launch of Luma Licious on tuesday at Luma the atmosphere was brill just what this bar needed the drinks have been reduced i paid 1.50 for a bottle of WKD and 2.50 for a treble vodka and coke they had two drag queens on Miss Ophelia Balls and Miss Rory be definatley going back this tuesday they were excellent.

Pennypincher   3rd May 08
Good bar and manager is cool but some staff could practice smiling in a mirror and then try it out on the paying public. Prices are on the steep side which could be turning some people away as it doesn't get as busy as the likes of Ttonic.

melanie   8th April 08
a big thanks to the doorstaff who helped find my friends teeth on saturday night, after he stupidly, tryed to break dance and spin round, unfortunately landing face first and smashing his to front teeth. other than that it was a good nightout.

penny   20th March 08
What a night was great , cant remeber only that it was bouncing with lovely fit men, which I flashed my nicks at. Would have seen my fan if they were lucky ha. Jokin! PARTY ON DOWN

xpoc   18th March 08
Would be a nice bar, but the price of the drinks drives all the custom away (a pint of carling is 3!). If they dropped the prices a little, im sure it would get a lot more packed.

Jess   21st February 08
Can anyone remember a guy that worked here with the stars on his arms? saw him a few mondays back in south shields, he is the sexiest man alive. If possible can anybody at this site or at Luma get me intouch with him? Please xo

Unimpressed   18th December 07
staff ignored us to serve her mates then we had to ask to be served as she was playing with her hair in the mirror. Considering there was only about 10 people in the place not a good representation really. Won't be back. Too bloody expensive too - more tha Bo Ab, now that's sayin summit!

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