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15-17 Derwent Street, SR1 3NU. Tel: 0191 514 5111

Photo of LumaShould you prefer a smaller, quaint place that has a great atmosphere, then consider this your new home. Located on the 'strip', this is one of the trendier places to be seen. Nice crowd, unusual mixture of locals and high end visitors. This is your jeans and t-shirt crowd.

Walking into the bar your first challenge are a few steps up into the main bar with the DJ on your right and the bar on the left, in a sort of narrow canal type bar the atmosphere on a weekend is quite immense with live DJ and student friendly drinks prices.

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VOID MAGAZINE PARTY   30th November 07
VOID MAGAZINE PARTY@PLASTIC PEOPLE 28th November 07 Friday 14th Dec. The Continental hosts>>> VOID @ PLASTIC PEOPLE... LIVE PA's By RYOGA - MANIFESTO - CLICKASTLY... DJ Sets By: New Document - Brad From Oz - Steamworks - Everything you do is a balloon! Live VJ Sets (Visuals) from The Jellycastle Collective, Doors 8pm to 3am. Advance Tickets: 3 or 5 on the door! email: void.magazine@sunderland.ac.uk to get hold of cheap entry tickets. Dont miss this unique Live Evenet!

faye   27th November 07
me and my mam went to have a meal in the week and food was fantastic couldnt of asked for better. the drinks are righty priced and the staff are lovely.the manager was lovely and even chatted with us at our table which was nice.i vistited on the saturday night and the music was great and the dj was great and played songs which me and my friends wanted.. i think it a mint place....

d   17th November 07
this place used to be the highlight of mine and a few friends weekend out, buzzing week in week out. now its starting to die of death...i think the manager needs a good kick up the backside and get luma heaving again, drinks very expensive got a pint carling and bottle of wkd and cost 6.30 every where else we went cost 5.50 - 5.60 wont be visiting again

Den   1st November 07
"not enough people to appriciate it why do the management keep trying to do things like this it must be hard for the bands" It depends how seriously you take yourselves. I played there with my trio, 'The Three Mustgetbeers' not long ago and the whole place was like a ghost town all night. The lady in charge said it was no reflection on us, rather that the whole local area was quiet that night, which was weird, as we barely saw a soul in the street all night and the area only got bust at around 23:30. There were only 3 customers in total in the Luma for the majority of the first half. We got a few students in later for a quick drink who were great fun but other than that it was pretty dead. At the end of the day though, the night is what you make it, we have fun no matter where we go and if you can enjoy playing some good songs with good friends and treat it like a paid practice then why shouldn't you? I'd imagine some bands would struggle and would probably say 'never again' - the 3MGBs aren't one of them. Sure we'll play some bigger places with bigger crowds but there's nothing wrong with the odd quiet one every once in a while. It's a night out, a few beers, getting paid to do what you love - AND there's a Chinese and a chippy within spitting distance for when you finish. Not bad.

j   31st October 07
Barman that works during the day is really friendly, the one with the shorter hair than the other one!

Black hair Barbie   26th October 07
Mark your right there it is gettin a bit boring people talkin sh*t about ya! Obviously they have nawt better to chat about and wanting attention! Well at least most people I know reckon you are mint and so do i. x c yaz all soon x

hammer toe   25th September 07
legend place. bobby and george rock

unhappy customer / friend   18th September 07
hi, what the hell has happened here, this place used to be the highlight of mine and a few friends weekend out, buzzing week in week out. now its starting to die of death...i think the manager needs a good kick up the bakside and get luma heaving again... come on michael you know you can do it...

Janna   28th August 07
Went on Sat during the day for the match, it was crazy, couldn't stop dancin! Was kinda drunk like! got ID'd when us wanted a shot! lol! Was in there Sunday nyt bank holiday weekend, was wicked! gotta admit the tunes have really improved, and oh my god how lush is the bar man in there, the one with the blond hair! x x lol! x x lvyaz all x mmmwah x

marty   26th August 07
toppa nite in here, me and the wife... there was a new doorman with short black hair there last night with the big bald guy. Gotta admit he was cool as. He sorted our problem with a drunken idiot... nice 1 luma good luck for the future

joannea   26th August 07
went in there for some food the other day and never in my life have i tasted such awful food, was not even warm so they warmed it thru again still cold, waste of money.

susan and tom   24th August 07
Been to luma tonight for a meal, Have to say we are totaly disgusted as the meal was terrible, 1st we had leak soup which ive never tasted anything like it in my life, 2nd slow cooked lamb shank again it was like nothing we have ever tasted, Unfortunatley for luma its a big come down as we have ate there a few times before with no complaints, But when your paying 27 pounds for this they realy need to look at the menu or the chef.

janna   10th August 07
Really good! love the food and drinks... love yaz all mwah

janna n asma   8th August 07
Proper toppa in there like! gan there all the time, anyday during the week is still good! food and drink is lush but please put some good tunes on like rnb, dance or rave! p.s sorry never had the chane to pop in luma on my birthday x x x

dez   27th July 07
this place is amazing for food, went in with the wife, didnt realize there was a restrant upstairs then we stayed in there most of the night its well worth a visit

sat   17th June 07
Gotta say music and atmosphere is great in here on sat night loving the 80s tunes.

The Crew   29th May 07
This place was bouncin' bank holiday. Small Weller were on and the place was packed. Class! Hope you gotta a good band booked in for next bank holiday. Nice talent in too! heh heh.....

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