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15-17 Derwent Street, SR1 3NU. Tel: 0191 514 5111

Photo of LumaShould you prefer a smaller, quaint place that has a great atmosphere, then consider this your new home. Located on the 'strip', this is one of the trendier places to be seen. Nice crowd, unusual mixture of locals and high end visitors. This is your jeans and t-shirt crowd.

Walking into the bar your first challenge are a few steps up into the main bar with the DJ on your right and the bar on the left, in a sort of narrow canal type bar the atmosphere on a weekend is quite immense with live DJ and student friendly drinks prices.

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Kath   27th January 07
Topper pub.. Food upstairs is very nice as well

  27th January 07
bek with a k - Im guessing our order of a couple of pints and a few bottles stretched his intellectual capability a little. He tried to short change us more than once, never apologised - real attitude problem. Is he only pleasant to the lasses? Spent more time looking at himself in the mirror, my girlfriend thought he was a real creep.....Each to their own I suppose.

bek with a k   10th January 07
hmmm spike, you need to realise that some people could just be having a bad day, and maybe having to serve you just pops the cherry. Mark is a lovely barman, he serves me very well. and all the lasses hu think he is fit. Too bad you had to leeve mark, wel at leest i know where you work now, and plus ive got youre mobile number. Well that is sumthing to be jealous about ANON you cant even leave a name bcz youre not real ... lol

Spike   9th January 07
Glad the lad with the tattoos and piercings is no longer there. Surly, miserable little turd. One of the most ignorant retards I have ever had the misfortune to be served by.

Neil.   2nd January 07
Can i just say thank you very much to the staff in the restaurnat upstairs, went in for Sunday lunch and it was very very nice, staff were excellant and very pollite, food was georgeous, definatly the BEST Sunday lunch in town .

  28th December 06
Barrymore went to the spider as well i think, seen him in the miniture vip part anyhow. ment to have had a party after that aswell..no swimming pool tho ;-)

Paul   28th December 06
This place is great. Disallows charvers wearing crap to be served, the manager is cool and always stops for a chat when im in. The sofas next to the big screen are comfortable, and saturdays during the day theres always a movie on from the managers selection. Definatly a good chill or bar away from presures of dancing and drunkan idiots.

The Grinch   21st December 06
Seen Michael Barrymore in here a few times in the last couple of weeks. They must have the Scrooge 'after party's here?!

  15th December 06
does the boy with the tattoos not work in luma anymore. i only used to go in there bcos of him..

santa   13th December 06
wees the orange doorman, why man you look barmy ho ho ho

Jay   13th December 06
Always in here, very nice bar, food has to be tried, very nice, all staff are happy and doorman pollite. Worth a visit.

Lee   12th December 06
Not being nasty, as i know someone who works in here, but this has to be the worst bar not only in sunderland, but the entire country, and possibly world, i would rather go to a bar of meatheads, have two pints and get the living daylights kicked outta me, before going back in this place ever again. it sucks ass, big time.

D   11th December 06
This Isnt Even Funny Anymore Where Is The Gorgeous Guy Gone? Please Let Me Know

Mark   27th November 06
Any chance You A*seholes Can Stop Talking Shit About Me? Getting Boring Now Like Aye..

sasha   26th November 06
Music could be better. They're playing hits only but I can listen them everywhere , can't I ? They have to find a good DJ

daveylad   20th November 06
try the pint of Coors Subzero - best pint eva and only bar in sunderland with it - it is going to make that place famous.

mick and val   13th November 06
that lad everyones going on about has the biggest attitude problem ever and wont serve you unless you have a pair of breasts. really bad service in the resteruant like the lad who runs it is out of his depth. if you complain tho the manager is one to be a bit upfront and probably get you barred. used to be a canny place but since the point opened and oslo and that its gone down hill, thought a bit competition ws supposed to make place up there game but not this place, its going backwards and i wudnt be surprised if by the end of next year its doors are closed for good and it will be good ridence

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