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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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big D   9th August 15
Proper impacted me life in a positive way still listening to the tunes now and a again, hoping to meet Stompin someday so a can show him me Monkey tattoo sleeve and thank him for the positive impact and good times. Cheers danny mate

garry echo   11th July 15
Never see a rave like it again hairs standing up writing this the rest are just small immitations ov rave genre trying to bring back some thing special to us but there miles out From ravers to audio Every thing was bang on SATDA NITE MONKEY SESSION IN FULL FLOWWWW

benE Bucket   25th June 15
propa wkd vibes in the monkey leek, back in the days of blood, sweat and e's

big luke obc   30th April 15
smashed it every week sum ov the best times ov my life only club that was better was the coolobonk a,k,a the colloseum wicked

tony placky   27th April 15
It was surreal the atmosphere was something else, couldn't ever be opened again its a church now funnily enough

hardcore raver   10th April 15
What was it like to actually be there? And could it ever open again in the future??

Ash Barlow northwest ravor   19th March 15
Is this still open..? Thinking about something like this for my stagg doo raveon yo

Monkey fan   11th March 15
26th of March, year to double 0 six,
New Monkey was rocking, Chrissy G was in the mix,
Ravers off their faces, on a weekly basis,
No-one had a clue there was about to be a crisis,
Then came through the door, enforcers of the law,
Choons go off, "Yo what's the score?", surrounded on the floor,
"Turn-down-the-noise! This-is-a-raid!"
_ _ _ _ invade of the Pig Brigade!
New Monkey was shut for months, because of these f**king c*nts,
On the news and in the papers, trying to stop the monkey ravers,
_ _ what could we do? Didn't really have a clue,
Just sit and wait and contemplate, then one day we got a date,
_ "Yessah! See ya later ASBO! F**k the police! F**k the Echo!"
23rd day of September, heaven for the Monkey member,

sessioner   11th March 15
get this up and running again and get me jaw hitting 90mph

liam   21st October 14
wish this was still up and running, the best rave in the north east these days is problys class, good times

mc wells   7th October 14
Hey my name is kieran wells im a mc been doing it for years would love to be part of new monkey would be a buzz for me really would iv got facebook pop me a message im 18 of age from scotland Thanks.

Owen hill   6th October 14
Wish it was open like I love the rave need to get another on going and get Sunderland bouncing with the legends Tazo,Ace,Stomping best tune of all time is scotty jay and impulse and TNT.

Dean B (Hebburn)   27th June 14
Started going to the Monkey in 2002 age 16 and went most weeks for for years. No other rave I've been to at the time of the monkey or after compare e.g Hangar, D.O.D, Clash Of The Titans ect. Even though it was it was a little dirty & sticky I had some of the best nights of my life in that place & would love to go back in time for one more night to here Stompin shouting for the Monkey crew.

Reecey   21st June 14
I never went to the new monkey but i tell ya what i grew up on the music, some of the best times of my life at partys banging out the tunes loved it

harri pearce   9th May 14
a wish the new monkey was still up and runnin it bouncin haha should get a nother going will be the best rave going

lee riley   10th April 14
the monkey was the boy. the tunes are class ! big shout out to the SOUTH SHIELDS CREW HAHA

batman   6th February 14
wish this was still open

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