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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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chezza   19th September 12
how come it got closed?? miss the monkey nowere can beat them raves

scotty stephenson south shields boy   14th August 12
mc rockeye is mint

upt   30th July 12
The Monkey has been shut since 2007, if you want to goto a allnighter now in the north east you can't however, once a month we have Hangar 13, Clash of the titans and Tribal church right now.

louisa   27th June 12
Is the monkey even open anymore? Been a few years since I last visited <3

MC COWIE   24th May 12
haha get ready for this 1, gonna rock the mic, me jaws fkn swinging left and right

darren b   3rd April 12
its nice to no you still got ya bouncy boots out lozza. keep it alive and keep it real even though me names not sean peal

Mc UniBrow   30th March 12
wot iz going on doods and doodets mas respect to dobby who iz me m8 frm skwl lol, nd kyle who luks like death lol . When tha weeknd cums you no al B alright hahaha madness lol need a creamy beau

Dj LooseTooth   30th March 12
yo yo yo am a slackjaw yokle and im about to rockn this set on 6th Aprill. i gaurantee i will rock the socks off you and your muthaa. drop kick - activate get on the floor and motivate YESSSSSAAA ! a massiff shout out to liam moody ov beacon loff like.

mc lozza   5th March 12
alreet darren b, lets have ya. missed my raving so much take me back to the days i was bouncing around with you lifting the roof

Herbert Barrington   25th January 12
How myself and my chess playing comrades miss The New Monkey. The place was indeed a National institution. The type of intellectual debate found in here was on a different level to anywhere I've ever been to. There was nothing more stimulating than a few light sherries and enthralling conversation with the regular clientele. RIP The New Monkey. P.S. Well said Topsessiona, you are indeed the future of our nation.

topsessiona..   22nd January 12
Any sessions going on soon! I gotta release the old sessioner in me, need a power bop.

darren b   17th January 12
whats happened with you lozza how come you just stoped coming to the monkey it was a good night then was nt it you bounced the house down yous should ove come back to mine the party carryed on for anouther two days

tnm lova   26th December 11
hotrock respect to you mate, a used to listen to all ya sets haha md kc was thu one like and a heard bout ya car crash! it was a while b4 sparky d's.

top raver   22nd December 11
Boxing day there is a session at legends bar in newcastle! 9pm-4am, its 15pound on door, get there, mc lyric, impulse, ace, rocking and more attending!

hotrock   13th December 11
alright as your rocking through the night so hold on tight, ive done mc ing at the monkey back in 2001 unil i messed me self up in a car crash i used to go by mc kc i miss them days but shit happens does nt it its what happens when you take chase of the pics HA LOL

no1raver   9th December 11
bring the northeast rave scene back!

mc lozza   25th November 11
oioi you monkey bad boys its loza a miss you so much man memba when i used to bounce around that monkey floor with me kappa shoes and fila cap on A LOVE THE BIDIDIDBDBDID BAD BOYS HA LOL just giv me m8 a geordie kiss coz a miss it so much P.A.R.T.Y COZ WE WANNNAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVIN U LOADS MC LYRIC HOLD ON TITE AM GAN TO RIDE ME BIKE

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