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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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MC Metros   23rd November 11
the monkey was class! r.i.p monkey 1999-2006

mc baz e   8th November 11
R.I.P to the finest rave the northeast produced

bri   3rd November 11
Thes still nawt like the monkey lyk. Evrywer is full ov long haired puffs now, bring bak the old days! 2001 - 2005 new monkey at its prime. Its about time evryone got the old cds out nd realised what were missin

Mc metro   31st October 11
We want the monkey back, no sessions like it these days ! need all the legends back to rock the new monkey backup to its 5 star standard.who agreeess like ?

original raver seen it all   24th October 11
Hellow ravers, am in need of a session! Haven't been to monkey since 2005! Is there still private raves on at monkey on fridays or not? Haven't seen all the lads in years! Reply to my question plz

Daveeey G   19th October 11
We want the monkey back, no sessions like it these days ! need all the legends back to rock the new monkey backup to its 5 star standard.who agreeesss?

TNM raver   2nd October 11
Anyone know when there is any up and coming sessions, its gunna be mint to see all the old original mc's back on the mic once again. Its been a while since av been in a room with people who are all tripping off E and all have shaved heeds. The era is changing, seen all the puffs around now with long gay hair. Where is all the monkey crew at! We need to build it back up, ya never know monkey could be on a cum-back when we have our army on the gan. Respect to all those monkey fans and ravers still out there, the north east need more people like us!

Lee   4th September 11
New monkey massive get back on feet and lets get active, were the north-east number 1

DOCTOR RAVE   1st September 11
oioi party crew, whens the new bouncy seshionnsss back on lyk? need a good old rave! BRING MONKEY BACK TO LIFE YESSSSAAAA!

dave the rave   26th August 11
The new monkey is back open tonight at passion nightclub save the rave 10 till 4

mc davie c   24th August 11
R.I.P the original monkey but good news there is a new oneopening up at passion sunderland on the 26th august 2011

brad dee   18th July 11
ere new monkey crew a pray ta god every neet dat da new monkey crew will open agen so a can bounce me tunes nd just av a rave on to da monkey dance, da rave of 2009 lol lol ma main man jonny iz wif is now cryin hes eyes oot finkin about it, comment bck if ya finnk we shud get dem bck! ! ! sunderland will neva ne tha same

mc matty shez on da mic   18th July 11
aye its matty shezza on da mic, jst wanna a giv a showt owt to ma new monkey crew 2k11, had a bong lastneet nd a was finking aboot the good old times in da toilets wif ma mento m8s smokin da skunk, enjoying lyf and finking about dat special gurl nd how da dj used to play ma fav tune high horse nd a used to bounce aboot da dancefloor in ma new cappa ha lol! ! nd matching trackie lol! dats all from garn for a bong, a love ya new monkey respect for yas all, dinnit let is dwn, cos a love ya peeps nd one dai da new monkey can come nd av some creamy bees wif da one and only shezza, dats all from me ta ta fkn cya later x x x x x x x offskies me like garn from sum garlic nd chips me lyk, clamming

tony nichol no1   15th July 11
r.i.p to the new monkey yeah ! come on hu wnts it back??? the town is just like it these days people

wayne hosmps   1st May 11
the new moneky crew mc lyirc newcsatle

MC ELEKTRO   16th April 11
check check hold on tight 123 hitzy bitzy on the mic, comin on thru with the razor tight, helta helta skelta, space ship on the deck cumin on thru with the monkey crew

mc seshna   11th April 11
my name is mc seshna and am an up and coming mc and dj in the area, i rick with everyone thats game enuff hahahaha think your tuff come and mess with the hut crew uyuy mass respect to the dj milburn and wilko, hold tight brassy who got shady lefted of big man micky

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