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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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dennis spence   29th March 11
the new monkey was the best rave in the north east never beaten never forgot r.i.p the new monkey had the best times ov me life there

richard D   29th March 11
i really like newmonkey i really wanted t gan t tha club. RESPECT to mc lyric mc ace mc stompin mc tazo mc tempo mc strech and mc rockeye nd mc scooty jay R.I.P the newmonkey

MC PATTY C   18th March 11
yessssaii lads and lasses oot there who appreshiate a good tune, am a propper mint mc from the south, just mooved up north cos a heard al the sessionars was up ere. respect yous all blad.

wayne hosmps   14th March 11
sunday 24th april 9pm til 3am liquid nightcblud newcsatle the new moneky crew wwwww. mc tazo good yas hardcore rave dance

the one true whistle crew {wog}   5th March 11
this is to all the top lads out there {mc techno t} {mc stompin} {mc attack} {mc hype} {mc turbo d} {mc lyric} {mc impulse} mc nrg} {mc jet} mc g force} {mc ryme} and anyother mcs ive missed soz and now you djs {dj attack} dj selector c} {micky b} {dj nrg} {dj jason bushby} {dj moris} {dj lee foster} {dj adrian street} {dj matrix} {dj direct} again any ive missed soz yous are the wizards that makes it all werth while respect to yous all from wog the wistle crew

mc sweety d   17th February 11
what mc's are on this sat

boroboy mcspeed ts3   16th February 11
mc speed is on the mic dancefloor crew were doing it right hold tight all night were doing it right. haha

dj keithy g   12th February 11
hartlepool needs a rave venue some of the best djs in the town

MC FIVEHEAD   3rd February 11
yo yo check check all you mad dogs my names Lewis more and a just love to mc to all my fans on xbox live, leefillll!

mc peter   23rd January 11
shout out to al the mad dogs hold tight! keep it ph ph phresh! lovin booncy sessions 2k11 am unreal on technics and even better on M-I-C! drop your home boy a line if ya a real sessiona P.S off me lips while am writin this. hold tight lyric

mc speed ov boro ts3 parkend   19th January 11
ye ye how you all ravers doiin man still rockin the mic big time here in Dover 011

MC Sessiona   18th January 11
oioi people cannit wait for newmonkey to have another unreal session propa gagging for one ;) also if anyone has any sessions coming on strong tell is cos am unreal on the MIC ----- hold tight mc brassy mc birkbeck mc stonaa oioi mass respect mc owza pal keep the rhymes cumin youre an absouloute beast mate :) how you feelin touch the ceilin ps emily loves adam barr for lyf nmw idemt

mc alien   17th January 11
hold tight all the new monkey posse lierkk. propa gona die if there is no brutal sessions soon lierk. anyone got any gigs lierkk. hold tight me main man mc riddiick and swifty beee

Eclipse Events   11th January 11
CHECK US OUT :-D - Biggest & best under 18s in North-East! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eclipse-Events/127948772162

Dj FatHead   10th January 11
oioi lads and lasses of the country. am a propa leeful dj like to have propa brutal sessions. i have technics and a leeful mixer. am propa hard on the ganjaa. p.s emily loves adamazz barrzy

mc bouncy b   6th January 11
yess man we had the hardcore techno beat monkey crew

MC TEMPO T.S.1   5th January 11
This is our world ...... Haha new monkey init mass respect to everyone out there who went to the monkey every saturday ts1 ts2 ts3 ts4 ts5 ts6 ts7 ts8 and so . Stockton boro thornaby darlo newcastle sunderland redcar all mad dogs R.I.P gary henderson nd the monkey

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