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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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dj flex ov boro ts3 a.k.a talbert   5th January 11
haha the new mnokey had the others on lock down and you know it , no alcohol but still buzzin any1 who likes initialize go there @ platinum bar linthorpe road ts1. big shout to all the northeast ravers middlesbrough darlington newcastle sunderland thonarby redcar stockton

mc speed ov boro ts3 a.k.a talbert 2011   5th January 11
haha the monkey was the best man no other club can even beat that monkey is still number 1 the line ups are unreal scotty jay stompin nitro chrissy g ace tazo ronez tnt turbo d and so on New monkey 1999-2006 R.I.P

wayne hosmps mc s   31st December 10
happy new yars the new moneky crew hardcore rave yas 20011

wayne hosmps   23rd December 10
the new moneky crew yars new day rave ls good mcs djs 2011 yuo call event wayne thopmos hahaa

wayne hosmps mc   14th December 10
the new moneky crew speedzone rave yas christmas ovent event18s you yas boxng call wayne ha mc speed speedzone event crew christmas boxng good december yarsang new

Neil~G   8th December 10
Anyone got an upcoming mc gigs in the area? I need a proper brutal session to show everyone ma sick lyrics and that, upcoming mc in the area you see

rights boiz   6th December 10
lts al go t da new monkey the neet and av sum blueys!

mc speed   5th December 10
haha initialize is da best man boro crew all the way ts3 parkend mad dogs initialize and energize in stockton is the wkd rep mc tempo banksy rockin impulse lyric

wayne hosmps   22nd November 10

no1 dj   20th November 10
kayleigh tht choon is called da blitz - i belive!

toni potts   9th November 10
yo yo yo its tozzy pee, from gts!
luv da new monkey sooo much hewwww
just lay in bed with me rave on,had a couple of bongs ere hew
am crying me eyes pua out, whats happened?!?
tears running down to the sound of da beat
well am garna gan for a beasty bingey.
goodnite god blesss
R.I.P new monkeyx

rebeccaravegirl   4th November 10
hahah ceemon, hold tight, ravegril coming on through

je$$ie, billiiiii and lozza   3rd November 10
here's da sketchy D!
pua devastated liek dat da new monkey is gone da tunaage hepled iz nd spoke to me.
my lyf is now over ere, all yas lads and lasses should make a petetion to get da beasts back!
dis iz enough for us today, gara gan for a sessshion hahahah lol!
luv yaaas raverrrss

bilky bee, lozza cee and jessy tee here   3rd November 10
areet lads and lasses of the north fkn east! its canny sh*t how the new monkey hasbeen shut down lyk. its a massive part of our lasses lifes missing ere. its a disgrace and yous know it! the words of the wkd mc's spoke to us and to our hearts. ere we R all ganna get a tattoo of the new monkey sign on ewa legs, so when we get our tutus out, we can get our legs out, show ewa tattoos and rave and show repect for tha mad house! R.I.P drugg house yesssssi! ON DA MIC LUV YAS ALLLLLL <3 hahaha lol

kayleigh   29th October 10
Im looking for a tune I've got on an old new monkey tape its from 07 with dj stonehouse mc wizard and retro its female vocals and she goes 'i believe i believe nd i believe' it starts it off follow your heart im dying to know what the tune is called if any one can help cheers fellow ravers

Chris Curry   18th October 10
yessaye hold tight ya lil ravaaas, comin on throo smelin th lases beevass, comin on strong, in a bouncy seshon, check 1 to 3, hold tight when im on the MIC, high on weed and XTC, get ready for my leeful flow, rock your pot out on the dance floor, im a birtley bidda bidda bad boy, come on lasses get toys, listen wen im on the minna minna mic, evry1 hold on tight. lv yas all

MC Alloy   18th October 10
we are the action race takin you to out ov space and to tha universe back to tha base line i reverse take you past tha milkiway as fare away aka youre body uo with me double on tha m-i-c

plastic atom bom, C4, TNT explosive gonna rock tha dance floor, said pop out tha fuse and tha detination,bringin up to you an explosive sensation, were gona make you jump and were gona get you trippin, tha new monkeya must gotta get your liftin, liftin to tha top ov tha T-O P, we got tha sound ov tha sweet XTC.

T widda N T scotty jay jump around gonna rock this way say time we got tha turbo-d let'z see you rave widda A C E, tazo and tha ace you know we rock tha place bidda bidda ba ba anyhow jump to tha beat letz do it now.

now am moveinnow you've noticed party crew it'z time to focus, focus upon my brain and that will get ya body bouncing boucin just to tha rock team on tha mic we got tha speed lyricz comein from a bang, so a say gedda move on

a need a drug, you know a need a can, check out nitro he has tha plan iz my man a say now check out nitro he has tha plan you know we've got tha can, you know ive got tha drug tryin to have a smoke.

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