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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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Steven Beattie   14th October 10
I am a up and coming MC in the Gateshead area, and I am looking for some leeful gigs and was wonderin if any1 could gt me 1 like hoo. Mic check 1, 1, 2. Cashing cheks and snapping necks MC BT B-E-A-T coz we wanna rock, weve got MC BT kickin it to the top. hahahahahahaa leeful buzzzzzzzzz lots of luv, Big Steve rockin in the place to b 2k10

Barnesy Bee yessi on the mic   11th October 10
Ere like am pure devistated ere, a cannit believe the fkn new money has closed doon lyk, its a big fkn mistake, fk yas all.... gudneet godbless love yaz alll.

Jasmine   23rd September 10
Canit belive its been for year since the minna minna monkeyy been shut down like, i feel like its a huge peice of me life missing, av never been the same since, i used to rock the mic all the time i am a massive MC in the north east if any one wants any rave requests for me to MC for them add me on face book JASMINE MCLARDY! HOLD TIGHT NEW MONKEY CREW ! SHOUT OUT TO OWAA LAD GAVIN TODD LOVE YA BBE.

Crazy t   29th July 10
R.i.p new monkey unreal man lethal mc haha

Me   8th July 10
that pic is skitzo the nonce only went twice and he got that tattoo

lilB   5th July 10
miss tha monkey crew.. where are they now? someone please tell me! becca2407@googlemail.com

wayne hosmps   30th June 10
crew rave party the new moneky crew the big bang summer beach party blshop auckand rugby club saturday july 2010

re kris   21st June 10
well said mate glad it closed down the people who went there didnt have a clue or a job the 90s was where it was at

<>   18th June 10
bring back the monkey miss the good old days its not the same anymore ace rocking tazo and lyric are mint like

DJ GET YA RAT OUT   9th June 10

dj denny   1st June 10
absolute love makina wnt play anything else ha ha bring back the monkey

MC YESSSAAAI   28th May 10
Hew lad the new monkey was bouncin man. BRING BACK MY MONKEY. But seriously guys i lost my pet monkey, its name is jabba, If you find a stray monkey, Message me on Your_mam@gmail.com That video was pua class liek

santi   23rd May 10
hello from spain! techno and makina are the best music of the world!

mickey son   8th May 10
hey...my name is mickey...i lived in cruddas park back in 05~ im an american...im looking for an alan parker...he is about 30 , 6 foot 1, he lived in benwell, and he goes by the name parker....if you know hhim please email me at .....leahy.michael at ymail.com.......cheers....im sad to hear the monkey is gone....i miss the toon and really dont like it here... i still jan to the new monkey...americans arre so drowned with hip hop and rap its sick

wayne hosmps mc s   8th May 10
he yas com the new moneky dj nemesis crew the east rave harcdoer bouce look

kris   3rd May 10
real hardcore died in the 90s colo and afterdark anyday all you little bums have no clue what ya missed ya think yas no what hardcore tunes are but yas have no idea... LONG LIVE THE 90S and the old school, down with monkey and all its little tracky bottom sock tuckin chaps. seen and wont be missed

wayne hosmps   1st May 10
friay 14th may l 9pm til 3am the new moneky mcs djs crew newcsatle core creaton harcdcer good look yas dtrrnce electronemiusis ultmatbuzznet rave com wwwww is room2 / bounce hardhouse wayne hosmps well crew the new moneky

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