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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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Attacks bouncy crew   29th April 10
The monkey wasnt 1 of a kind it was an attempt to recreate what we experienced every weekend in the 90's at the afterdark and colosseum. Shame you lot wernt born 10 years earlier so you could have experienced the real thing. Dont think for 1 second that the new monkey came close cos it didnt!

sam haytch   27th April 10
hew itz me sam h frem bad boi biddick ama blitz teh tunes this wekend

wayne hosmps   26th April 10
the new moneky crew was good djs mcs ,,,,,, yase mc lyic www the new moneky .net wayne hosmps com electone dancemuic the new moneky mix djs we you saey good the was porewhuse rave hardcoer in crew wayne hosmops cd good

mc pure   30th March 10
r i p the new monky it was a place too always be sweten tipen people going all you here is wistels blowen from the north too the south here my rymes from my mouth wicked!

MC CHEBSTER   16th March 10
BoUnCe BoUnCe LoVeN ThE TuNeZ Daza B yOu RoCk The MiC

jack marley   16th March 10
Yesah Yesah put it in a mixa put it in a blenda quality soup 99p good for me Tea, you'll like it liek hew its good for you

Daza B   10th March 10
TNM was the boi bring it back south shields lads and lasses rockin in styleeeee shout out to the sima crew massiv respect to turbo d

Jack Marley   10th March 10
why eye adam L you were the beast love yah tunez

Ged Doran   4th March 10
a think the new monkey is helfy av listen tae it fae a wis aboot 11-12 and a always huv ever since. Its especially the best wen its an auld classic and yer oot yer tree oan ecto a hink awe the mc's involved wae THE NEW MONKEY are hot and hope theres plenty of officials on the way. after troops :P

adam lockey   23rd February 10
why eye man the monkey was wkd back when i rock the mic every night at 12 am AHH THE CRACK WAS GOOD BACK IN MY DAY, JUICY CRACK

Ross   21st February 10
a reccomend what steve has suggested the events at point have lived up to expectations monkey style line upos and a similar atmosphere ! get yourselves down or get onto northernrave.co.uk for moreinfo on n-e raves

wayne hosmps   18th February 10
the big bang satuday 3rd july bishop crew the new moneky mcs djs poewhuse yaes wayne wt good look lve club

wayne hosmps   11th February 10
the new moneky rave crew the big bang summer beach party saturday 3rd july 2010 'BISHOP AUCKLAND RUGBY CLUB'

steve   3rd February 10
Check dis oot every saturday at the point in sunderland unreal. NORTHERN BOUNCE Vs De Ja Vu This Saturday @ The Point Sunderland. MATRIX, RIKKI KING, CHRISSY G, NRG, BLANDY, CARTER, TURBO D, TAZO, HYPE, MEL O D. 11pm-4am 1400capaccity club, 25.000 watt sound system.

mc mark emmerson   3rd February 10
pua wkd da monkey lykk i used t ROCK the m.i.c every sat bad boy emerson hardcore raver

Ross   23rd January 10
and dont listen to the dickheads about rocking carl has not decided that its just he has like me joined the army because whats point in wasting his life and john robson dont talk crap john finn still owns the new monkey he just leased it to david and graham so stfu it has an entertainment ban monkey willl never open on pallion ...FACT would be class if it could open again minus the disturbance to pallion residents its the scenes fault that its gone just hope that the monkey could be opened somewhere else maybe under a diffo name as the darkside but i highlydoubt it cos thas no way david mallin jnr or snr or graham brown could ever open a venue again

garry p   23rd January 10
listen mc blast you clearly are not mc tazos brother coz youre talking like a mackem and tazo is from gateshead, so before you start calling people fakers look at yourself you freak! mc stretch is the best out there by far

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