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The New Monkey

Pallion Road, Sunderland

Photo of The New MonkeyThe New Monkey is a private members dance club for over 16s. Opening times for the club are 11:30pm - 7:00am every Saturday and admission is 10.00 to members and 15.00 to non members. No alcohol is served. Music is strictly hardcore and rave which draws fans from across the North East of England.
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Ross   23rd January 10
butchey b .. Mc rocking - carl peacey int your borther and you dont rock with him :L hes in the army now and rarely ever does sets

Ross   23rd January 10
Nern of yiz have bought the new monkey bcos after davey (respect to him like) but he unfortunately let to people die 1 at the afterdark and 1 at the new monkey in pallion the little lad was left ootside the club to die when the hospitals arnli leek across the road man .. the new monkey now has an entertainment ban on it . it cant be opened as a rave anymore neither the club or the name the new monkey... the monkeys for sale so how can it be re-opened when hes selling it at a guide price of 400k and yav got absolutly no chance to open that back up as a ''rave'' club. Its only bricks and morter, the venue itself has an entertainment ban on it and it can never be used as a nightclub again. scenes dead the monkey reopening probz wouldnt make that big of differece to be honest i lvoe it loads and loads used to love rockin off my tits there but there is no way its back hurts to say it nbut all you little crackheds hu no nowt stop postin its reopened or ive bought it or my dad i dave mallin cos i know them and he is not anything to do with any one and as for Mc blast who are you .. :L you are not kevins brother he doesnt even know you lol :/ bearin in mind i used togo every weekend i know them mate ..... monkey aint comin back apart from if Mc Pingu (penman) does another reunion but chances are it will be an under 18 event because its easier dont need an alcohol licence to run one just an entertainmnent one

davy c bad boy   20th January 10
the monkey was the boyo bak in the day like tazo - ace stompin - tnt were awesome like

Mc blast   20th January 10
wey aye al yee fakers. wey aye Mc tazo is my brotha so divnt yee taaaaak wet hew. a pua miss powa hoose and tha monkey lyyyk a spend all me dole money rockin tha dance floor leeek hea ya mad heeds divn na how ta mc cos yav neva been to tha best sesh in al the north eeeeeest its pua class doooon skid raa nd am missin me seshes, areet mc necta neva hearrrd of yoou, big shout out taa yee!

dj mixxxa.   15th January 10
pua love yae mc emma 'N' mc nath. foreva.

Mc Ninja   14th January 10
Wish T.N.M was still open! Hard core you know the score lol.

Mc Necta   11th January 10
hea hew tha monkiee was wkd a used ta bop ther evry weekend bopping 1.2 haha pua class like mc stompin rocked tha m i c evry weekend hew it was cush as like wish wa could get lefal agen like mc'as wkd as oot like rip munkiie well cush

sexy jade.xx   11th January 10
new monkey is buzzing i love it the raid ryme cant bet it like .......26 ov march year to double 06 new monkey was roking crissy g was in da mix.,.....haha yess aaa new monkey till i die.

[SHOCK MC]   1st January 10
IMPULSE' ROCKING' MC ACE........ the TAZO' TNT.NEW MONKEY' POWERHOUSE' The N.R G the dusky old days a wish i could a been. now it's all gone buh that's the way it gose. lol

jonson   8th December 09
sweaty gooch mc pea nut rocks all of yas tnm was bouncy like but my bro mc pea and me dad dj sausage rolls is unreall yas shud check thm out sum time they can rock it itll be like TNM open all over again

mc kaos darlo boyo 09   29th November 09
R.I.P TNM 1999-06 [john robson- your avent bought it at all you nob if you did it will be back up & running by now you mite of bought it in ya dream or sumet but it wil neva happen lad its gone now and neva will be back if it is ..It wont be the same END OF ]

Mc Emma & Nathan   2nd November 09
Used to have some leathil seshions in the M-M-mokeyyy wish i could of went on the m.i.c lykk wud of rockedd itt and had all you ravers bouncin likeeee ! Big shout out to MC BLAST on the danceflorr haha proppa rockinn itt to max, R.IP Monkeyy babes, loved garn to the monkey trippin owa boxes off,, Love ya ta bits babe x

dj butchey b   1st November 09
oioi kiddas a hope ya reed this in dat hope its keeping reall lyk :) mc rocking hes me brother were wkd dj and mc put to gether like a hope some1 noes micky francais who cam from west end newcastke

davey   22nd October 09
check that new event out its at the point by the way in sunderland av see flyer today

mc stretch   22nd October 09
here MC haydog ya a propa bell a was reading reviews the utha day and there was leeful quotes but ya can tel ya takin the mick m8 nee joy yana what a meen skid hav a good look at yaself youging ya probs just sum daft indie boy greefin our type grow up son al am gana say.

Northern Bounce   20th October 09
brand new event to hit the northeast.... matrix promotions proudly presents NORTHERN BOUNCE MASSIVE LAUNCH PARTY on saturday 31st october 2009 - 11pm till 4am, free admission before 12am - 6 there after, special guests headlining.... hyper dj's - dj greenie (WIGAN PIER) with support from matrix, nitro, jon fazak & matty-g& hosting the night MC Ace & MC Lyric. Attractions: massive 1400 cappacity nightclub, state of the art lazers & lights, mind blowing sound system (pimped up) full halloween club decor, and the cheapest night out in sunderland with free entry before 12pm - see you all there...

nath and emma   19th October 09
new monkey is pure bouncin like used to love havin a good bob with me sessionar plaz like rip

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