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6 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 564 1010

Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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GM Andrew Golding   30th July 10
Hello Guys, Dont forget you can get photo's of you taken by Hotshots on Paddy Whacks Facebook FAN page. Thanks, Andrew

GM Andrew Golding   30th July 10
Hey Guys I have some great news for you! Every Day from 11am until 6pm Fosters, John Smiths, Woodpecker, A glass of house wine or a Smirnoff and Pepsi is 2.00. Amazing value for money x Happy Days Promotion at Paddy Whacks x

Bazza   21st July 10
Any news of Biopolar Empire returning ?

Loudy   20th July 10
Paddys has got my vote nice ice cold Double Maxim not like Fitzies who have stopped selling DM. Shame on them !

Pete   19th July 10
Any plans of the Emerald Thieves playing here soon ?

Graham   15th July 10
how come you have stopped karaoke in here on a monday night? hasnt been the same!

Savaloy Dip   25th June 10
Re Kool Yea the Heinkein is quality in the Wacks and its one of the few pubs in Sunderland city centre that has it.

Kool   25th June 10
Heinkein different class in here.

Li Lo   24th June 10
Will there be a band on after the England match on Sunday ?

Ger   24th June 10
Wish I did work for Double Maxim then I would get some staff discount ! At least you respond to comments most pubs on here don't.

GM ANDY G   23rd June 10
It is amazing how many comments on our page over the last 3 pages mention double maxim. This is a great product and we sell it to support the local region. I like DM as a drink and I drink it for a change of taste. As far as I am concerned now is this, we stock it, if you can get it from other bars cheaper than great. I am sorry I am not getting the special offer they are getting, They must have some special deal I am not getting. Weatherspoons obvously have a few more bars and pubs than we do the last time I checked. Please who ever is making comments about DM every time on this page give it a rest. I support the product I have the product if you are that passionate about the product more than I am along with Villa Pop etc, work for them and give me a better discount. Or maybe you do? But just avoid the discount......

Lou   22nd June 10
I thought there used to be a happy hour @ this fine pub ? You could offer Caffreys Boddies Double Maxim Carling etc at reduced prices say between 5-7 weekdays ?

Bazza   22nd June 10
Any further news on Biopolar Empire ? I love the draught Magners in the Whacks not many pubs in Sunderland city centre have it in draught

Ger   22nd June 10
I drink the Double Maxim in Paddys but I didn't think it was that price. I'm a regular in the Queen Vic and its 2.35 a btl in there which I think is Wylam Leisure like Paddys so I think you must be mistaken Joe.

Joe   22nd June 10
Fair play to Andy for responding. I was in your pub pre Pink downstairs for an hour and there was no more than 10 customers in but @ least you had Pink music on. Don't get me wrong I like P/wacks but I can't understand how your rival bar the Lambton Worm knocks out Boddies for 2.20 and Double Maxim for 1.90.

Wacky Wear Bhoy   21st June 10
Love p/whacks & Doyles any news on the cask ale AM ?

Andy Golding GM   18th June 10
To be honest,
1) Bruce Jones was In Paddy Whacks last night he is just the same as any other valued customer and I am sure he goes to many a bar in sunderland.....
2) If TJ Doyles is doing well then great as another Irish Pub In Sunderland is great for Paddy Whacks
3) Paddy Whacks has been awarded for its great Guinness year after year and I too enjoy a decent pint
4) If DM is cheaper in Porterfields then great for Double Maxim as it is a local produce
5) I was quite happy with the custom I had in Paddy Whacks before Pink, any body who is busier well done! At least we are all getting a slice of the pie
6) Lets just look forward to the England game and SAFC season where Paddy Whacks re-known for great drink and entertainment bounces for another year.
7) Paddy Whacks cant be a bad pub when it has picked up another award this year to add to to x best guinness pub awards, Best Bar None Silver Award, that award was the I love North East Award, Silver nominated by smooth radio listeners and sunderland echo readers as most loved pub in the north east, Your point?

Anyways to more important news our Sunderlands Rose of Tralee is in the finals, what an achievement, again thanks to Paddy Whacks, associates and sponsors.So thanks for everyone including judges who participated in this massive competition.

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