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Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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Andrew Golding GM   7th March 10
I have got to share my excitement that the below band are coming back to perform at Paddy Whacks. They are raw talent and real characters, cannot wait. I will hopefully be at the end of the bar enjoying a pint of Guinness on this night Friday 12th March 2010.
like I say this band are coming to paddywhacks 12th March, they are so so so good guys this is night not to be missed

Julie   26th February 10
The draught Magners for me in this great pub.

Lou   25th February 10
Are Baby Jenx returning for St.Pats day as they were a class act last year.

Just Curious   22nd February 10
Is the Double Maxim society always on this forum or something, nearly every comment is about Double Maxim, haha

Jonnie   22nd February 10
I was @ the Adelaide evening and it was a class night. Good idea about the cheap Double Maxim on match days I would be up for it this Sunday.

Andrew Golding GM   20th February 10
The Adelaide night was definately a night to remember really enjoyed it, thanks to everyone who came down the atmosphere was spot on.

Ricky   19th February 10
Good to see the Double Maxim back. Its a pity you couldn't have it on cheap for SAFC match days. a group us drink DM @ the Lambton Worm but the service is terrible.

The Wearsider   19th February 10
The Adelaide night was quality. Top song and band. Is there any fund raising events planned for the Adelaide in Wylam pubs? I was enjoying listening to a song for a worthwhile cause drinking Sunderlands own Double Maxim it seemed so appropriate.

Kev   19th February 10
Re Tong Griffiths might have a dodge down the Queen Vic for the Arsenal game the cask DM is always spot on. Only wish you could get in on in Ttonic or P/wacks as sadly.not many places sell cask DM in Sunderland anymore.

Lukey   18th February 10
RE Scarf yes it was a top night I only hope we can get the Adelaide back home.

Tony Griffiths   17th February 10
SUNDERLAND vs Arsenal Live in The Eastender, Queen Vic and Paddywhacks saturday 3pm kickoff......... we have got Sky Sports and TALIBAN tv in all three of these pubs. if a Sunderland game is not on in these pubs its not on anywhere.

Scarf   16th February 10
What a cracking night last Wed. and a quality Adelaide song. The house band were very good afterwards as well.

Andrew Golding GM   13th February 10
St Patricks big week will start from Sunday 14th through until Saturday 20th March. The big celebration will be on the 17th as always with excellent live music, dancers and entertainment.

We are also pleased to announce Paddywhacks (2) will be hosted in the Glass Spider as last year we could not accomodate the amount of customers who wanted to celebrate St Patricks in Sunderlands number one Irish Bar. So this means double the celebration and live music.

We are also pleased to announce that Paddywhacks customers can continue their night out in Sunderland by using the walk through passage upstairs straight into the Glass Spider. No cues no hassle and free of charge!

H   9th February 10
You can count me in, the Adelaide needs to return to the Wear.

Scarf   5th February 10
Should be a good night next Wednesday when the BBC documentary tm. will be in Paddywacks to record the Adelaide song @ 18.00.

Jeannie   4th February 10
I came to the pub last night to check out the live music and was blown away by new band Moonlight Valentino. A very early Pearl Jam type.... Are they going to appear here again?

Kev   2nd February 10
Great to have the Double Maxim back. Paddyirishman - Man City game has been moved to Sunday 14/03/10 in case you did not know.

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