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6 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 564 1010

Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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jimmy   30th January 10
hi just wondering where all the pics go that are takin by some of the girls who sell key rings..... is there a website to view the pics?

paddyirishman   22nd January 10
we are coming over for a match. we had a great nite last year as it coincided with your Paddys nite celebrations.. when is it on this year the weekend b4 or after the 17th. "stone walls & the grass is green"

Gio   8th January 10
Good on you Mr Goulding theres not enough pubs selling Double Maxim in Sunderland city centre these days.

Stevie Bhoy   4th January 10
Fair play to you Andrew I will pop in on Thursday for 2/3 btls. of Sunderlands finest.

Andrew Golding GM   30th December 09
Guys honestly we are still selling Double Maxim and I have responded to the questions and concerns regarding this product on more than one occasion. Please just ask for me over the bar if you are disatisfied when in our premises. I am pleased from the comments on this page your feedback still suggests after two years of trade that you enjoy the music and atmosphere. We try our upmost to please but understand due to the foot through especially on a weekend this takes hard work and commitment. I try and make myself available to speak to our customers and it is this that I enjoy about managing a bar like Paddywhacks as most customers are passionate about service and product as Wylam Leisure are also.
Thanks again for your comments and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010

Bill Bob   30th December 09
Paddywacks is the best place to be in town, great music, great drinks, great staff, and the dj is the best in town. I'll be coming back again!

Stevie Bhoy   29th December 09
THe Caffreys is class in here but have you stopped selling Double Maxim ? If so why ?

Jeff   23rd December 09
Boddies is good and reasonably priced. Any sign of the Double Maxim coming back for the match on Boxing Day ?

Kev   13th December 09
At least Paddywacks is selling a Sunderland product in Double Maxim. I belive it sellsVilla pop which is made on Wearside as well.

Col   10th December 09
Thanks for getting back on the Double Maxim cask The only other to places that seem to have it on are the Borough and the Queen Vic but the Borough keeps selling out !

Andrew Golding GM   7th December 09
Trying to find a way of getting the double maxim on draught but is needs to be installed a particular way as it is real ale which is slightly different to your regular draught and we might not be able to accomodate the requirements in our packed cellar. We obviously do that much Guinness and other products it is sometimes a logistical nightmare! I do like double maxim and enjoy the occasional one myself so leave it with me and lets see.
I will have a look at the price again but you must ask staff for the special offers as we have some cracking deals on from time to time.... thanks for your comments, appreciate the feedback

Leon N   17th November 09
Had a wicked night on Karaoke last night! Really Good Fun, definately coming back.

Dee Dee   16th November 09
They have some craicing live music on in Paddys and its my second favourite pub in Sunderland just behind the excellent TJ Doyles.

Graeme   16th November 09
Its my favourite drink Double Maxim but @ 2.90 a btl I can't afford to drink the stuff in P/whacks. Any chance of it ever being on special Andrew ?

Col   16th November 09
Bought a couple of bottles of it last night thanks Andrew. Any plans to have the cask Double Maxim on as its a quality pint and theres only the Borough and Jamesons that ever have it on draught.

Andrew Golding GM   13th November 09
Yes we still have double maxim. I must apologise if we have been out of stock. Let me know if you have not been able to get it on your next visit.

fla   7th November 09
we went there yesterday night and it was like usual awesome. The atmosphere's great, the music's always good, live-bands are really cool... the prices aren't too expensive, it's really the place we like to go when we want to have a great evening. my friends and I are looking for the name of the band that was playing yesterday night. two guys with guitars, does it ring a bell anyone?

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