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6 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 564 1010

Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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mike on a bike   4th November 09
I work in paddys and its arguably the best pub in sunderland the prices arnt the most expensive in sunderland however they have the customers interest at a number 1 priority because the pub religiously has bands and or DJs on the majority of the time. And exactly where a would go if i was looking for a good night out

Col   30th October 09
Do they not sell Double Maxim in here anymore as the last 3 times I have been in they have had none. Liam the deputy manager reading this ?

madmakem   26th September 09
band on 18th was TT Blue

gabs   19th September 09
was in last nite, was an amazing band there! anyone know what they called?

sue   18th September 09
we had a great night in paddys about a year a go with our friend from sunderland what a place what a night

Trish   18th September 09
Fab band tonight...abs brill..x

kay   12th September 09
so glad garys back dj-ing on a monday night love this bar, it rocks on monday everyone come down,!

steviemac   1st September 09
Cheers Matty and ashton tashston, I've looked them up and will be seeing them soon...sadly neither due to play at Paddywhacks any time soon it would seem.

Na Na   30th August 09
Don't know why people have to keep banging on about the price of drinks just accept paddywhacks for what it is, a cracking pub.

Matty   29th August 09
Re Steviemac if you enjoyed that style of music the excellent Sour Mash Trio are playing the Carendon tomorrow afternoon @ 14.00. Worth a listen. Can't understand the prices policy in p/wacks I was in last night about 8.30 Double Maxim was 2.30 a bt. upstairs then when I went downstairs the same drink was 2.90 !

ashton tashton   26th August 09
i work in paddys, am sure it was revolutionaires. they are reely good band and have massuve folloween.

steviemac   22nd August 09
I was in Paddywhacks on Friday 21/8/09 and there was a trio playing what I would guess as a "rockabilly" style of music. Does anyone know their name as I enjoyed their perfomance and would like to find out where they are playing in future?

Col   22nd July 09
Thanks for the reply Liam. I much prefer the craic in Paddywacks to the Lambton Worm which I find to be a pretty boring pub. I was back in Paddywacks on Sunday and had a quality night. The Double Maxim was 2.90 a bottle so so you reduced it a bit. Its a shame you can't get the draught Double Maxim in as this tends to be chaper than the bottles in the pubs I have been in.

Liam   22nd July 09
Hi I am the deputy manager in Paddy Whacks and believe that Col was agreeing the drinks are reasonably priced. I can understand that you would be attracted to another bar if you have found a drink that you like for cheaper however as pointed out you will also find it more expensive elsewhere. I hope that the price of one of our bottles does not deter you from coming to the bar in the future. I agree with you that the prices are reasonable and I believe that the atmosphere, live music and "good craic" that you get when coming to the bar more than make up for the little extra that you may be paying compared to elsewhere. I hope we do not loose your custom for long and look forward to seeing you in the future

Rocky   21st July 09
Joint best pint of Guinness in Sunderland with TJ Doyles.

jukesy   15th July 09
Charlie, I realise that Col was refering to Double Maxim I was just demonsrating the cheapness of Cafreys and Guinness to give an idea of how reasonable the prices are in P/wacks. Andy, the manager should clarify this issue.

charlie   13th July 09
he was refering to Double Maxim, still not that bad, i paid 4 for a bottle in Independant!

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