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6 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 564 1010

Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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jukesy   12th July 09
You must be mistaken Col. I was in recently and the Guinness and Cafreys were only 1.50 a pint each. Maybe you had too much to drink and were mistaken !

Kingy   11th July 09
Co,l I am sure you have got that wrong . Prices in P/wacks are reasonable. I'm sure the manager Any will be on here shortly to put you right.

Col   8th July 09
Always like this place good craic and reasonably priced drinks egs Cafrerys Guinness Carling etc. However I was in recently and the Double Maxim was 3 a bottle. While I think its a mega drink just down the road @ the Lambton Worm I was charged 1.92 for the same drink ! Gonna be the Worm for me in the future even though I prefer Paddywacks as a pub !

jonesy   2nd July 09
Saw Baby Jenx there on St.Pats day and they were class. I am also looking forward to their return visit to Green Terrace.

Eamonn Reynolds   28th June 09
Top bar. When are the excellent Baby Jenx playing there again ?

Peter Kerr   21st June 09
Great bar freindily Staff.

Roberto   1st May 09
My band Black Sun will be playing this wednesday 6th May so hopefully see you there

Caroline   25th April 09
Managed by to irish guys and i find the staff very friendly- Music on the weekend nights can be hit and miss recently

Zoe   17th April 09
The tall dark manager does have hot glasses! Woop.... I miss you Paddywhacks!

hollie   12th April 09
was in here on easter sunday. thoghut the music was canny good. liked the band. PADDY WACKS IS COOOL

vic   12th April 09
Paddy's is cool, they had a fab band on Good Friday, really cool music and the lead guitarist with the glasses was hot!

Nat   2nd April 09
Yeas i agree Paul! He's in Spain at the min but i dont think the band are gonna ave him back! I was looking at their new site and the say that after many band member changes the have finally settled with guitar, vocals, fiddle, bass guitar and accordian! NOT GOOD! I think the bands not the same with out the whistle and flute! You need to get him back DOG's!

Paul   2nd April 09
The dog's of Tralee! Great band but.... 1. Y the name change 2. Where's the whistle player gone? The band was so much better with him! He's amazin! Get him back!

Re: re Nik Nak   25th March 09
Dermot from TJ Doyles? Don't know him but I'm female and my name is Becky. Paddywhacks doesn't 'rock', it's an Irish bar so it jigs. And 'mint'. Who uses that word anymore? I was stating facts about the children not the establishment. Read my entry again slowly and you'll see the point I was making. And you are.....??

re Nik Nak   25th March 09
Do you care to put your real name to this? I bet it's Dermot, the legend from TJ Doyles. Paddywhacks you rock! Patricks Day was mint

Nik Nak   24th March 09
Last year's St Patrick's Day took some beating and unfortunately I think you raised the bar too high as it seemed slightly disorganised this year. The dancers were children who were paraded around the packed pub with buckets asking for donations. Yes it's a good cause to support them but taking them upstairs and out to the smoking terrace was a step too far I think. They looked terrified the poor mites. Not good Paddy's - must try harder next year. Adults in an adult environment after 9pm.

lor   21st March 09
paddy whacks is the best pub in the town. it's comfy, its friendly, has a great atmosphere and isn't overly expensive. the drinks choices are brilliant, with shots and cocktails such as dirty leprichorns and 666 (which is deadly haha) there's also a roof terrace so its smoker friendly. definatly the best place sunderland has to offer

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