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6 Green Terrace. Tel: 0191 564 1010

Photo of PaddywacksOpened January 2003 as Envy then re-named Vision in November 2003 and Paddywacks in 2007. Sunderland's Irish themed bar. Two floor pub, one smaller bar downstairs opposite the stage that has live bands on every week, and a larger one upstairs which faces out on to the terrace allowing for service on the terrace.
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francesca   12th March 09
excellent bar, would defo go back again. music was top notch aswell as the tall, dark manager with the hot glasses on.

sarah   9th March 09
i really can't stand how the doormen stand inside, particularly when they stand next to the front door on the stairs and just stare at girls. it's horrible.

vern   17th February 09
i certainly wouldnt wait ten minutes, i would leave/wait for mates to drink up and leave, have done a few times before (at different places).

tony griff   16th February 09
lisa as for waiting ten minutes to get served wow, where do think you are, its not a macdonald drive through i think you will find it was busy thats why you had to wait 10 MINS, and as for the girl not being nice i appologise.

lisa   16th February 09
we had to wait for about ten minutes on sat night to get served, and when we did the girl who served us wasnt very nice, what a shame as this bar used to be ok

Fred   13th February 09
The Strobes, Fab? What planet are you on? I saw them the other night at the Sand Dancer. Sh*te singer, sh*te musicians, sh*te sound. Biggest pile of sh*te I've ever heard.

Sarah   30th January 09
Oh god the Strobes are on there tonight, they are fab saw them in Shields. Cant wait!

lynda lovell   30th January 09
Get yorself along tonight, great Indie band, The Strobes.

Rentagob   26th January 09

kelly   20th January 09
re sarah i agree with you the music was much better with the other dj, used to like going in its not the same now,bring the other dj back pls x

Scotty   19th January 09
Hi! I work there and i love it, all of the staff are friendly towards each other and especially to the customers, yes paddywhacks is nothing like vison they are completely different but at least we can entertain an audence=].

sarah   18th January 09
me and my friends used to go into this bar til things started to change, the music used to be great and something you could sing along and dance to on a weekend. What happened?

Red Ken   9th January 09
Great spot pleased they have draught Magners on now, a lovely pint. The only other pub that I know that serves Magners in the draught form in Sunderland is the hugely impressive TJ Doyles in Deptford.

Joe   31st December 08
oh dirty dog if you prefered vision then you must have like a place were 12 year olds could go in and get serverved anyways if you dnt like it dnt go in

sharnie   19th December 08
oohh gary is it? i wonder if i take my mistletoe in he will give me xmas kiss he he he, love this pub.....roll on monday hope karaokes on. oh and dirty dog if you dont like it dont go in

chubbs   18th December 08
karaoke dj is called Gary as for rest havent a clue..... all change lately

re:irishlass   12th December 08
then why do all the irish students work there?

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