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Photo of PassionPreviously Pazzaz, night club consisting of 3 bars and an american style dinner. Sunderland's newest night club this place is busy every night.
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matthew joyce   19th August 14
pure lefal like best place ever lefal tunes hahah yes better than new monkey

angelsunderland   8th May 14
cleaner in ladies toilets tells you what to do and makes you go when and where she says and doesnt let you have long enough to wee let alone wash your hands or do your make up! puts you off going in there! she needs sacking we try to have a night out we do not need telling what to do

jack   13th January 14
hit passion tonight its class i think start to go every monday!

Kate McAlear   2nd January 14
Came with fellow Villa fans on New Years Day. I was a bit dubious,at first about being at the club..... not knowing what to expect I think. But I have to say that this best place I have ever been to in my years of travelling to watch Villa. I had a brilliant time. It was so funny and I loved the way they got the rival fans of the day interacting. I got talking to one of the girls ( yes a stripper) and she was such a lovely person. She may remember chatting to me outside the club ....we were trying to get a taxi to the Stadium of Light. Such a friendly girl who didn't need to justify what she does for a living to me! I will not hesitate to visit Passion again. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer. Many thanks for making a horrible,wet day so much brighter. A brilliant place to go if uv got a good sense of humour. I loved it. See you soon I hope!

anon su student   8th November 13
Sunderland's nightlife is very much lacking anywhere that does not play the standard, awful, remixed chart music. Most night's passion helps to perpetuate this atrocious 'sound' as 'decent music', but on Thursdays they have 'passion rocks' which occasionally actually plays ROCK music, so just for this one night in the week I can go out without earphones, making passion the best nightclub for me in Sunderland's town

Tina   28th June 13
The bouncers at passion are rude towards customers, aren't they meant to look out for people not bully them and call them names. Although the bar staff are ok to the punters and i have no problem with they do a pretty good job dealing with drunk pepple. But If it wasn't for the fact its the only night club open so late People wouldn't go there all the time they'd go else where. However it is a good venue and could be better if the staff on the door were more pleasant.

ellie   1st June 13
To be fair to all of yous that have lost stuff you shouldnt leave things lying around. Staff are not there to look after your things. Next time you should be careful

Speaker of truth   22nd April 13
Rumours of broken ribs, bags stolen etc other venues deluded attempt to put a damper on SUNDERLANDS biggest attraction for nightlife, without passion Sunderland would have no nightlife and the record speaks for its self, numerous awards won,(more than any other venue in the uk) national recognition by parliament for its outstanding contribution to the industry, untold amount of celebrities into the city that normal people in this part of the uk wouldn't dream of meeting or seeing , Peter Andre, Danny dyer, vern troyer aka mini me & boy george to name a few, no other venue in the city has pushed the boundaries like passion, complain & try unsuccessfully to bring passion down because its numbers and record speaks for itself, 2000 people on a Monday Thursday Friday & Saturday:) only way is PASSION:)

tevor evans   18th April 13
passions is the place to be,,, rocking it with me lil bruv marck

lauren   18th April 13
passion is amazing guarantee neck on

Jordon Seddon   4th February 13
Love it me got the best banter around love find a good corner to sit in and watch everyone!

amzy   3rd December 12
how old do you hallf to be and how much is it to get in ??x

Julie   11th November 12
My daughter had her bag stolen with mobile phone, money and driving licence inside. I have rang Passion numerous times and left messages to enquire whether any of the items have been handed in and nobody has replied.

helen   25th August 12
is it open on thursdays?

Emma   7th May 12
Awesome thats all i have to say to PASSION.x

liam   25th April 12
Omg Passion is back on top saturday night was awsome and got to say love the new look

jenny   9th April 12
It was a great night on sunday night thank you PASSION for making my birthday so specally x

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