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Photo of PassionPreviously Pazzaz, night club consisting of 3 bars and an american style dinner. Sunderland's newest night club this place is busy every night.
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Jane   5th April 12
Went to passion for first time on Tue.. i slipped on wet floor broke two ribs and not one offer of help! Should wipe drinks up after the been spilt specially on dancefloor! Was turned away when asked if could speak to manager

S   21st March 12
put my shoes down for two minuets - i was dancing next to them and when i turned round to get them, they were gone... has anyone got a contact number for passion because by the looks of things... they have this problem a lot and no number to contact them on.

stu   18th February 12
Would like to thank doormen for not letting my wife get shoe back after being robbed of thirty pound

Bex   17th February 12
Was at Passion last night and put my stuff in the cloak room for one song.. When I went back she told me that my stuff had already been taken.. So I was wondering if anyone has a contact number so I see if someones handed it back in and sort this out please. It has my phone, money and makeup in so really important

Purpleface.   27th January 12
Hello, went to passion last night, and lost a phone. Was just wondering if anyone knows a number I can ring to get in touch with someone who works there to find out if anyones found it.

Paul   12th January 12
Gonna try passion for the first ever time tomorrow night. I hope its good.

Peter   7th January 12
love passion like me, thursdays are great, love them! one girl behind the bar has been awfully rude like but all the rest seem canny, love it

Paige   7th December 11
ah went to passion last night and it was canny goodd.... how do ah get the pics up? x

Joanne   2nd October 11
i went to passion ages ago, but still cant find a group photo that was taken in baby passion x

ellie   2nd October 11
loving all the new busy nights buzzing

kerryann   12th September 11
God we loved passion on saturday night we have not been in for ages but glad we did it was brill glad to see it picking back up we will be back next week x

azz   2nd August 11
just like to say passion nightclub was the best in town on saturday love the new tunes be back next week

Beth   25th June 11
Is it open on fridays ? x

Vicky   16th June 11
Thinking of going tomorrow night ( friday) what sort of music is it?

Kelly   25th April 11
Can't wait to try Passion this sat. Bring it on!

James   25th April 11
I love Passion, it may not be as busy as it used to be but there is nowhere in town that compares. I usually go on a saturday but lately I've been going on a monday it's a great night out! I can't say I like thursdays but I'm never out on a thursday anyway

kelsey waters   20th April 11
there's supposed to be a private party on in passion but do you have to be 18?

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