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Photo of PassionPreviously Pazzaz, night club consisting of 3 bars and an american style dinner. Sunderland's newest night club this place is busy every night.
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Jonny bee-2k10-   10th August 10
Can't believe it's shut down like...best club in town :((

tony lee   9th August 10
A cant believe that Passion has shut its the best night club in the town.

liam and the boys   9th August 10
passion nightclub was a BIG MISS on saturday night hope it opens soon it is the BEST NIGHTCLUB in town

summer   8th August 10
i hope that passion is open soon it has been a miss and it is the best bar EVER

Sophia   7th August 10
Why has passion shut down?!?

liam   18th May 10
PASSION nightclub you are the best in sunderland yous are doing things right because every week me and my m8s come in its always full of good looking girls ha see yous next week

MICKY DD   14th May 10

To   9th April 10
I've seen drinks advertised for 1p in Newcastle. But yeah, I agree with your basic point that drinks should not be so cheap - I look forward to the day you can go for a decent night out that's not full of skint students (and that's speaking as a student myself).

ToonLad1   8th April 10
concerned local just to let you know m8 that these offers wont be going on long as im also a bar owner but in newcastle city centre and soon there is going to be some strict rules giving to me and every other bar/club in the uk so there will be no more free shots or 10 all you can drink or to your matter 50p drinks as there is going to be a price cap but on alcholic drinks so they cant be sold as cheap as this. Me personaly im not looking forward to it as i give away free btls of bubbly to hen nights and 40% of my custom are hen and stag nights but its just somthing we have to work on!

fan of passion nightclub   6th April 10
just would like to say i have been going to passion nightclub for the past year and i can tell you that passion is the best nightclub in town and why do people always try to put a place down when its the only place in town thats busy and am not a charver so to me it sounds like the comments are from other pubs and nighclubs and are jelous of how good this nighclub is

concerned local   6th April 10
it is just my opinion that advertising 50p drinks states what kind of city sunderland is. Newcastle would not advertise 50p drinks. If one bar or club drop drinks to 50p then other bars and clubs feel the need to lower prices to compete, so all that is coming to the city centre to have a night out is scumbags. I drink in sunderland, and no, im not a rich person, im actually a student, and 50p drinks is not something i personally go for. we are all entitiled to opinions and its mine that sunderland has created its own issues with its customer base

micky   5th April 10
sash was amazing like loved it lol haha hope he comes back to passion lol

Re concerned local   5th April 10
Good point mate, but its not just Passion. The whole city centre is a hole for trouble and charvers. No progression from the council, modern developments and lack or real quality bar entrepreneurs means thats pretty much 90% of what the city centre has to offer unfortunately. There is no quality for any of the establishments to compete with other than who can serve the cheapest vodka. Sad but true

gratefull local   4th April 10
hiya concerned local, i dunno how much you earn but unless your rich rich rich then you care about how much you pay for drinks! the fact that passion does drinks for 50p is great! yeah they arent all 50p and you can only get stuff like a shot and a cheap bottle but they dont take the piss so you can have a mint night out thats well cheap! i dont drink anymore than i normally woud i drink the same and just spend less so well done passion and please dont listen to comments that youre too cheap cos youre defo not and me and my friends would cry for defo if you did raise youre prises x

zoe   4th April 10
re to danielle you should go down when the nightclub is open i did that a got my bag back

Ange   4th April 10
Have always wanted to check this place out but been totally put off by the acts. Can't understand anyone paying money to see Basshunter...or buying a ticket and keeping a straight face. And totally agree with the comment below. There's enough trouble and late night fisticuffs down town to be shouting about 50p drinks.

zoe   3rd April 10
cant wait for sunday for Sash it will be amazing just like it was last time come on PASSION NIGHTCLUB your'e the best!

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