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Photo of PassionPreviously Pazzaz, night club consisting of 3 bars and an american style dinner. Sunderland's newest night club this place is busy every night.
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Rachel Gooch   6th August 09
I lost my phone the other week and i was at passion all night, its a LG KS360 it has a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and its like a grey colour with the keyboard blue. if you found this please hand it in to passion and i will pick it up from there. thank you x

I Loved Passion   30th July 09
I used to love passion sooo much the music and everything just propa class! Just a shame that loadza dojy yungens av started cumin evry week! Nightmare! Like when it 1st opened it was just mint wi canny aryt ppl! Neva mind! Stil gunna rok the dancefloor! Haha! x

simone   29th July 09
We love passion so much mondays are amazing and saturdays are awsome cant wait until the new room opens me and the girls are so excited. Passion you're the best! see yous all on saturday love yas

amy fulthorp   25th July 09
amy lost her bag, small black sillk with out a handle it had her provisional lisence card with name and address on also phone which was a sony ericsson and also key's with a photo key ring of three girls if found would you please contact me on 07597307089. thank you.

T   22nd July 09
Good night on monday, tunes were great, good staff, friendly in general, only problem is the dude in the toilet! :)

re: niel   17th July 09
i think its that new bit at the front thats gt buildin works going on. be mint if they makin a rnb room or summit

niel   16th July 09
whats this i seen in the guide?? passion part to launching soon??? had pics of a new club gettin refurbed....is the directors of passion opening another new club??

pauline   12th July 09
Had fab night in passion last night it was a joint 50th birthday party,arranged by zoe barrass,she did a great job and the doormen and bar staff were brilliant.now thinking of another excuse to have another party.Well done zoe andpassion many many thanks

Luke   4th June 09
Hey anyone checking this out shoot shoot down to passion tonight, live bands, The Scarlet Desire and Save Arcade... hope to see you guys there drinking and partying it up, much love!

liam   4th June 09

micheal   26th May 09
got to take my hat of to passion danny dyer was fantastic on saturday the place was buzzin best night ever me and the lads have had

micheal   20th May 09
woohoo danny dyer going to be at passion on sunday cant wait me and the boys are buzzing

sunderland dj   13th May 09
re: dave yes i agree too, bein a dj in town myself i look out for the competition and iv gotta say its beggining to be a regular occurance in some places around town without mentioning any names of course! all i can say is that the management should take this into account and do something about it as no doubt they will be paying good money to have a dj play for them and if he is just sitting about miming well its money for nothing aint it lol! i know a lot of dj's in town get stick left right and centre i do myself when i cant play a certain request but i always make sure i have it with me next time round! still love the place tho! brings back so many memories!

ann   12th May 09
i was in on monday and i thought it was a great night

Dave   12th May 09
Yea that DJ on monday was shocking, he is the worst DJ i have ever heard in the town. I mean for god sake, i couldnt beleive it when i heard him playing a MIX cd and pretending to mix HAHAHA i couldnt beleive it. and it was a mix CD as i asked me mates about it as i got the same one and the tunes were mixed and in the same order as the one i have, and plus he was just standing there when the actual mix was going on! ALSO! he claimed he was GOD!...the only GOD he is ever gonna be is GOD of the sh*t DJ! Please management get rid of this guy and get some one better!

Frasier   9th May 09
Was in last Monday, canny drinks, cheap, but please PLEASE dispense with the Monday DJ. Spent about two-thirds of the night attempting (failing) to be funny, bellowing insults over the top of the songs; very bizarre and unnecessary, and we left much earlier than planned, spoiling the night.

Davey of Peterlee   6th May 09
mint night in passion gd crack with the bouncers mint club in sunderlands top 5 deffo.

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