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Photo of PassionPreviously Pazzaz, night club consisting of 3 bars and an american style dinner. Sunderland's newest night club this place is busy every night.
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steph   1st May 09
is going to passion 2nite cant wait its the place to go if you want to dance all nite

abbey   24th April 09
or na i love it on a thursday its a lovely venue

Sam   24th April 09
I adore Passion, I go every week but I must admit I do not like Thursdays in Passion. Yes Passion caters for all but I think Passion would be more sucessful if the Thurdays turned into a theme night. I still Love Passion though

rebecca   20th April 09
steve, passion wont kill it... its all about diversity and if there is demnd there will alwaysbe a club like it... look at some of the venues in newcastle or infact any of the major cities! the arc plans for regeneration have been on the table since before pzazz was shut and that was now like five years ago so thats nothing new... if people know for certain that the club is going t be closed etc then why are people knocking the club and management? let them do their job... unless anyone else thinks they can do better?

steve   19th April 09
good luck to sunderland 1 club doesnt make a town and passon will kill it

re rebecca   19th April 09
i doubt the management has plans to refurb it as the sunderland arc own it.. this place is earmarked to be demolished in a couple year with the rest of holmeside for the regeneration of the area, so it would be a waste of time and money to refurb... this club is awsome and is perfect the way it is

Rach   18th April 09
I went to pazzaz every friday when it was open off me tits most ov the time but it was mint rave tunes and cheap drink i say bring it back x

rebecca   16th April 09
cant believe i missed sash! when i worked there he played twice and he was brilliant then! as for steve, yeah maybe passion does need a re-vamp but you gotta learn t walk before you can run. maybe they need to build up funds for the re-furb? (fingers crossed its planned) and you cant be too prudent in this climate! I say well done to the management for getting a good club back up and running! relive the old days!

rachel   16th April 09
re to steve well, you must have been in the wrong nightclub first of all, i'm only 20 and the music is right up to date secondly what mat i have never seen a mat and i go every week and to say the owners and management need to get out and have a reality check have you seen the ques to get in that place so i think you are a billy liar cause passion is the best in town

tracey   16th April 09
ha ha to steve dont think so if you were in passion you would have seen how busy it is and to say its 10 years behind time your having a laugh the place is fantastic and i think they win four golds not just 1 ha

steve   15th April 09
the club stinks and you stick to the mat how did this win an award? its really run down and the music is really bad its like going back 10 years. i am an owner of many bars and clubs came to sunderland to see about one round here, but by the looks of things thanks to this club your putting sunderland 10 years behind the times. the owners and management need to get out and have a reality check
former club and bar manager from sunderland

jamie   15th April 09
passion is the place to be on a thursday its just awesome

rachel   15th April 09
Passion is fantastic! That's all I can say, It is a legendary nightclub. The drinks are cheap. The staff are helpful and friendly and the music are great with big names.

anthony   13th April 09
was in last nite never seen a nightclub so busy. and dj sash was amazing nice 1 passion keep up the good work.

rachel   13th April 09
best nightclub in the town i love it..

lee   12th April 09
passion it was fantastic on sunday what a night you have done yourselfs proud it was worth the wait standing in the que for over a hour yous are the best nightclub by far

Paige   12th April 09
I love Passion I love it but I have to say i hate thursdays thats the only thing letting it down

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