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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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bandywhack   14th April 11
where did mya go, anyone got anything extra off her?

AL   26th February 11
Where did all the dancers go from players? especially Rachael.

Josh   14th January 11
Re Gareth, Players has been closed for a few months now but try Privilege on a match day - a lot like players only better with great crack from Wee Philly. Get yourself down on Sunday - open from 10am

Gareth   9th January 11
Has this place shut down now? Is there anywhere else like this?

JOHN   29th August 10
Pity its closed always good for a pint before the match

Clifford   26th August 10
Wow what a place its like being back in Thailand! The Bangkok ladie boys were very authentic although the weeping eye was a little off putting at first. Shame no tetleys on draft or pork scratchings but I got to scratch a nice bit of pork.... sword anyway!

Paul   26th August 10
If your looking for salmon steak and millions of vegetables your in the wrong place.... how ever if your afta ha wee bitta clam chowder oooh what itas wall to wall gorillas chins... beautiful really beautiful!

Michael   20th April 10
I have had the time of my life at the players bar especially from the young chinese girl she is awsome! I also enjoyed my dances off a stunning girl with long dark hair I have had quiet a sheltetered life and this was a new experience for me i felt shivers of euphoria as the girls shook their sweet thang in my face to say the least lol anyways would reccomend this place to anyone much better than for youR eyes only as it is alot less informal can get a few pricks in from time to time but to be fair its well worth blowing my months wages to see these girls

AL   14th March 10
What happened to Players? Has it moved somewhere else

kaye x   16th February 10
hi are you open ?? how many girls do you have working per nite me and me friend wld like t work some wer new ..x

mk v sk   25th October 09
Me and me mates def going back next home match . Free to get in b4 12 . Lasses who work there are mint esp Libby and Mya. DJ funny as owt bout ginger lads behind bar.

OJA   23rd October 09
have to say very suprised! a really different twist to a lap dancing bar i normally go to the toon but was invited to go and watch the mackems ( the mags hard work at the minute) from the lady door women ( nice touch who ever the owner is) to the pool tables and the relaxed feeling great day and night out! will defo go back! and a big thankyou to all my mackem mates!

a man who has no morals!   21st October 09
mint place to go before and after the match, the lasses are amazin and really nice to talk to even though they only want ya money! the "three gingers" as the dj announced behind the bar are a good laugh and look like they have fun workin to! good to be able to have a bit crack with the bar staff, wil def be going back next match day for a bit banter and get me beer goggles on too!

SK   18th October 09
Me and my friends usually always pop in Players on a match day,some of us used to be dancers,so have known a couple of the girls that work there,and obviously have no problem what so ever going in a lapdancing bar,however as we approached the bar the female doorsupervisor was a bit funny asking if we were going in,went to the bar and the barmaids attitude was disgusting,and as we sat down the female supervisor stood staring at us making us feel very uncomfortable,we just sat talking amoungst ourselves doing nothing wrong. All in all,we will not be returning again as we found the customer service absolutely disgusting,we paying customers made to feel like that,so I suggest management do something about their staff,at least make them undergo a customer service course

someone   10th October 09
It's a good place. Hot girls. That Chinese lass in there is lovely.

JJ   1st October 09
Genuine what is the question? Ste F, Jamesyo8, Mike, Nothing short of working girls genuinely making money with there bodies, Classy, just the type of girls you take home to your mother?(a/m)

amber and miya   26th September 09
hey guys!thankyou all for the compliments the ones who know us know we are genuine;and for the rest! (jj)

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