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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Mammoth   26th August 09
Thinking of going soon. Do the girls get proper naked or just get their baps out..... Coz i can see that for free in most of the clubs in Sunderland..

JJ   16th August 09
Cheap and chavy girls who pretend to be something they not like good looking or even nice to talk unless your willing to pay money to see there bodies cos it's not there dancing we here for. still I got to agree with previous comments girls appear high on more than life what really made me get up and leave were the bouncers who were over eager to put there hands on customer and from what I saw happened I didn't want the same happen to me

Holty   26th July 09
I was in last nite and there were some tremendous girls, i would recommend! Lots of new faces :-)

Rachel   10th July 09
any girls wanting to work in players lounge please call or text 07704999728

Ste F   15th June 09
Got to agree with Jamesy08. Chavy average looking girls who look passed it like they have had loads of kids (saggy bits are just NOT nice even when being moved about to music), came away from that thinking CHEAP not classy at all

Jamesy08   25th May 09
Went in Feiday nite after been to newcastle and seen what a real gentlemans club is about, nice young girls with fit bodys who dont look like they are high on more than just life. Very average looking girls in a chav club, like other comments quality girls dont take there clothes off for more cash

big benny   5th May 09
awesome birds, amber rocked my world!

mike   22nd March 09
does any one actually think the girls in here are nice... need to get some claassy pretty girls in here think it would do better as a whole.. there was 1 dark haired girl tallish...couldnt dance at all ... i should of asked for a refund very dissapointed !

lee   17th March 09
i went into the players lounge on sat and spent 200 on dancers it was wkd, especially brooke

phil   10th March 09
went into players on sat and once again layla blew my mind !

Jesus C   27th February 09
Players Lounge? Did i miss something? Is it still the same kind of venue?

Alan T   14th January 09
Timbo, see what your saying. On the other hand, It's not a case of being desperate to see a woman "Buck", more to relax and have a good time with the lads from work? Talk to some people in there? I have spoke to a few lads who have been in and refused a dance all night, whats wrong with that?

Sall   14th January 09
Decent, nice girls... canny place really.

tommy   13th January 09
sure i heard this place opens back up on the 31st

hud   11th January 09
is this place still open? it was shut saturday

drum diddily um!   5th January 09
Me and the museo lads from uni are out on a stagg night next Friday. Can't wait! We have all heard some great things about this place. Shame about all the grief on this forum though. See you next Friday

uncle buck   4th January 09
timbo: maybe 'lads' have more sense and are not as desperate as to pay just to see a naked female

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