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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Timbo   12th December 08
Was in last night, nice joint, relaxed to say the least, Zara, in my opinion was the fittest bird there. Yet, dosh wize its a rich man's game. Not many "lads" as its put can afford to go, due to the feeling your gettin minted for every penny you got. Every minute, "fancie a dance?" Fair doo's, you gotta make a living, but let es finish me drink! ... anyway, ended up with a total of 200 spent. Thinkin I could have gone to different sets and spent more like 50... and pulled. hhhhm. OMD :P

Lee   26th November 08
Would like to hear from one of the girls that work there or any lap dance in Sunderland. I am coming up this weekend and woudl like to hear from one of you 1st. Email me on angielee5 at hotmail co uk Becky get in touch!

Becky   29th October 08
Hi. Am interested in becoming a dancer for minx but a have no experience would it be possible to work there still

tut tut   28th October 08
To Tager H - Mate, if your gonna be complaining sooo much about minx, just dinit gan in, instead of slagging people off! Theres plenty pubs/clubs round town! Ive never been in like so i dont know if its good or not but i wouldnt be slagging off about it! Get over it!

smithyjay   17th October 08
never been here b4 or anything like this b4 and wondered what goes on

robert webster   15th October 08
wippee good night out

MK   4th September 08
Hope ye take Euro and lots of it. Irish Stag on the way this weekend!

Timmy O   17th August 08
i went in feeling a bit nervous but was soon put at ease by a friendly blonde behind the bar everything was top notch until i ordered three vodka and red bull for my buddies.18 she said to me. i was in dire need of a drink so i cracked on within minutes i was whisked away behind some red curtains and got down and dirty with foxy blonde i gave a little grunt of delight during the performance. I think she was from Durham with short dark hair. 20 she said to me. all in all i was in there about 30 min and spent about 40 but thouroughly enjoyed myself.

liam   9th August 08
was in last night had a cracking time with my uncle, you probs know who i am know i said that . keep up the good work girls and see you next week ha .

Barry   7th August 08
Better than the lapdancers in Blackpool (who only go topless for 20)

un happy   22nd July 08
went in here on sat expecting to pay on my visa as i only had a limited amount of cash on me only to find you dont take card since new owners took over thats bad crack wud of been there all nite long

Cherry   10th July 08
Hiya guys! dunno if its new management or what but i worked here last year and left to go on holiday in January. Im back in august so are you looking for any dancers cuz i just cant wait to get back on that pole! x

Grant   8th July 08
I went in for my 18th, didn't for pay for a thing lyk, Just went in for the crack.... If ya want to see naked women go get 1! don't perv, ya no wat i mean? lol

spammy   27th June 08
oi leave these girls alone theres a couple who are my friends and they are stunning and lovely lasses .. x

trev   9th May 08
exactly john,actually there is no chavs in this place or a bad looking girl.dont know what club those prats went to.have a bit respect for them girls.bet there girls friends arent pretty enuf to do it.

stefg   9th May 08
was in sunderland lastnight with the lads what a night, thanks to all the gorgeous ladies in minx. think we have fell in love with yous all. we will be in next weekend to spend more than 800 this time. money well spent.

John   9th May 08
All these guys seem happy to go to the club then slag it off...peculiar! Most of the girls are sexy.... some are mingers, granted, music is good but prices do need sorting!

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