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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Tager H   8th May 08
The thing is with titty bars is..... if the women are unreal, people will go, whether its Sunderland or London. If they are dogs, no one does, apart from losers desperate for some attention off a female lol

davey   8th May 08
Haha at tagger H comment, your so right. Id give most of them a tenna to keep there kit on. Guys, crap music, crap girls, crap prices the list goes on

Tager H   7th May 08
Chav lasses wanting to make a few extra quid... hahaha class. Guess the benefits arent enough for the 5 bairns these days!

brucey   1st May 08
do not know what Davey was on! I was in on the same night and it was great, girls were all 1st class, there to do their job and polite. Sod the pint , get youre wallet out and buy champagne. As for the pole, i would not fancy climbing one, unless i joined the fire service! All in all a great way to end the night.

davey   26th April 08
was in last night, girls are ok nothing special , just your av chav wanting to make a bit extra cash. would not go back was a bit of a wate of money and you cannit even get a pint. some of the girls cant even dance on that pole its a little embarrasing

sammie   18th April 08
this is to Tager H,,, i work in minx and i must say people like you are just scared of places like that. its called a strip club for a reason,,, ya not ment to pull in there its all about having a bit fun but by the sounds of you ya dont no how to have fun, C'mon lads get ya sels in dont listen to this wolley all us girls are amazing. thanks karl next time ya in ask for sammie and il come say hi MWAH x

Tager H   16th April 08
"by the beauty in Minx" hahaha class. I wouldnt call it lucky pulling in Glass Spider to be fair mate. More, unlucky. But at least i wouldnt HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

karl   14th April 08
oh my...... make sure you have your id when you go to the glass spider sound like a bit of a kid to me mate.......u must have felt intimidated by the beauty in minx so you went to the glass spider,u have any luck???didnt think so.bless you.

Tager H   11th April 08
This is to Karl..... me get a life..... your the one thats in a naff strip joint "quite often" paying for girls. hahahahaha Try the Glass Spider mate some of the "stunners" in there might be to your impeccable taste.

karl   7th April 08
this is to tager hi go in the club quite often and there isnt one bad looking women working there at all. dont know which club your going to mate. you are probably be the dog. get a life and a bit respect.

Tager H   4th April 08
Ive been in there once, no offense but thought all the women were dogs. Cheap tarts, average bodies, prob have had 3 bairns each by now (so not bad considering). Quality girls dont wanna dance in front of pissed beer boys unfortunately.

onominus   2nd April 08
The boss is sound! He might be old but his sexy. x

maxxx   22nd March 08
dancers wanted in minx. thursday friday and saturday nights also match days. to apply simply contact justine on 07853701871 or just call in and ask for her at the door on any of the above nights. also waitresses wanted for table service and bar work in minx and bud bigallow's

ben   21st March 08
was in there tonight came out, place was empty had money to spend but was pointless no fun at all. only a few nice girls, better up the big market!

john   17th March 08
excellant club everybody friendly good doorstaff who helped the lads in the lift with wheel chairs,keep up good work

mark J 22 from s/land   14th March 08
I went in here for the first time a week ago, took the guests i had up there too and we loved it. What type of lad wouldnt? Was this lass who was aperntly going to miami? Hope not cos she was amazing at dancing ands was stunning! A bit annoying when ya first get in and want to chill out with a drink and a lass asks if ya want a dance instantly which is cool but when ya say no there like.. pff well fine then haha. But thats lasses for ya ;-)

southern_lad   6th March 08
From the amount of people in there was i was in id say it wont be open this time next year, you should get to bournemouth if you wanna see a proper lapdance club

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